The Art Of Beast Quest!

Beast Quest is taking the world by storm with its combination of open-world exploration, action-packed combat and fantastic RPG gameplay.┬áTaking the world of Avantia from the pages of the famous books and creating a three-dimensional version for the first time is a daunting task, but our development team did a fantastic job, as all our happy players will attest to! We’ve got an exclusive look at some of the awesome concept art drawn up by our design team as they were creating the template for Beast Quest – let’s take a look!



This basic sketch of Sepron’s world is the first stage in designing an environment for a video game. Artists will draw up a general outline plan for the area, detailing the concept, zones and general purpose of the level. We can already see a plan forming in this early sketch, with general ideas for where to place specific gameplay elements.

Next, the artists will create concepts for individual elements in the world, to give the 3D modellers a framework to base their graphics on. Here’s the huge gate from Nanook’s stage:


Every environmental element needs concept art – even rocks!

Working with the rest of the development team, the artists will keep drawing up level plans and maps, gradually finalizing the layout so the 3D artists can get to work.



There’s a ton more concept art stored away, and we’ve picked a few of the most interesting parts to show off below. Take a look at the beginnings of some of the friends and foes you’ll see in Beast Quest!