Dude Perfect 2 – Behind the Scenes

We recently gave you a sneak peek behind the scenes of Beast Quest with some concept art from the game, so we thought it’d be good to show you something that’s still in development at the moment – Dude Perfect 2!

We’ve been working with the Dudes themselves – Cody, Tyler, Garrett, Coby and Cory (oh, and Panda) – on a brand-new sports game, where you’ll need to pull off crazy, chain-reaction stunts across a wide variety of levels. Each one is set up in such a way that you’ll need to be at your most awesome to sink that perfect shot – and that meant that a lot of planning needed to go into each level’s design. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at some of our concept art for the Dudes. Bear in mind that a lot of this artwork is not final, and may not make it into the final version of the game!

Here’s how the Dudes look in real life:

dude perfect

That photo formed the basis for one of our very earliest bits of concept art, where we thought through how the main menu for our game might appear on your mobile. Look familiar?

dude perfect main menu sketch

From there, our artists could start working on the actual look of the Dudes as they would appear in the game. Here’s an early sketch of Dude Perfect co-founder Garrett (the red hair would be added in later):

Dude Perfect Garrett sketch

From here, our artists were able to flesh out the rest of the Dudes, and get them ready to go in the game itself:

Dude Perfect iphone screenshot

Pretty neat, huh!

Of course, while this is going on, other designers are working on the look and feel of the levels themselves – the places where you’ll be banking basketballs off jumbo jets, hurling bowling balls through blocks of ice, and generally doing great things with a ball in your hand. One of our earliest concepts for the setting of Dude Perfect 2 was in an airport – maybe not somewhere we’d recommend tossing basketballs around in real life, but in a game? What can go wrong?

Dude Perfect early ingame concept

With this airport concept in mind, our artists set about sketching some rough ideas for the backgrounds for each level. Thoughts then turned to what some of the later levels in Dude Perfect 2 might look like, including the Dudes’ ranch. You can see these in this gallery:

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So, we’ve got backgrounds, the characters, and an idea of how the levels might look – plus of course, gameplay. So now we just need to fill those levels with all the details and obstacles that you’ll be negotiating on your way to hitting that sweet shot. The airport itself provides tons of things that we could make use of in setting up a great trickshot – so our artists went into overdrive in putting together some of the objects that could go in the game. Everything from planes, jet engines, helicopters, crates, inflatable chutes, suitcases – ah, just take a look for yourself!

Dude Perfect airport graphic details

And from this, we get something a little like… this! Panda time!

Dude Perfect panda

That’s all from our look behind the scenes of the development of Dude Perfect 2! The game is coming out on Android and iOS real soon, don’t forget to keep an eye on the Miniclip Facebook page, the Dude Perfect Facebook page, and of course, the Dude Perfect YouTube channel. If you don’t already subscribe, here’s what you’re missing out on – stay tuned to the end of the video for an exclusive first-look at Dude Perfect 2 in action!