Beast Quest – Review Roundup

We unleashed Beast Quest earlier this month, and we’ve been blown away by the reaction to the game, as it’s drawn some extremely positive reviews from players and games sites alike. Here are some of our favourite ones so far – if you’ve played Beast Quest and want to tell us what you think of it, just hit the comment section below!

Over on Gamezebo, Tom Christiansen found himself pretty hooked:

It was somewhere in between hacking down a pack of wolves and picking colorful mushrooms to make an explosive potion that I realized that I hadn’t looked up from my iPad in some time. It was a cathartic moment; one where I looked up, thoughtfully muttered, “Huh,” and then looked back down and kept playing. Very rarely can I get completely engrossed in a mobile game like that.

He rounds off his 4-and-a-half star review by praising the game’s controls and gameplay, and declaring that “Beast Quest is a really solid adventure game that should be investigated by any gamer with a thirst for adventure and some time to kill.”

Piranha Pirate

Gamezebo weren’t the only reviewers to highlight Beast Quest’s controls as a big plus. Harry Slater of PocketGamer says:

The game is split into two parts – exploration and combat. When you’re exploring you push a button in the bottom left to move forwards, and swipe a finger around the screen to change direction.

It’s a great system, and it works really well, bypassing a lot of the problems of third person movement on touchscreens. There are chests to open, secrets to find, and items to collect.

Our game picked up a Bronze Award from PocketGamer, with Harry concluding that “when Beast Quest shines, it’s brilliant.

Sepron Battle

Here’s a few snippets from other sites for you: MacLife‘s Giancarlo Saldano describes Beast Quest as having “plenty to do and much to explore, and you’ll be rewarded every step of the way“. Aldrin Calimlim on AppAdvice likens the game to the classic mobile title Infinity Blade (which was a definite inspiration for Beast Quest), only “less dark and more geared towards kids of all ages.” DroidGamers‘ Jaymes Carter praised the games’ graphics as “impressive“, and suggested that “if you enjoy action-adventure games… this may be the game for you.

Nice! We also checked out some of the reviews from the App Store and Google Play, where Beast Quest has drawn high praise indeed! Here’s a quick take on our top ones:

“Fun good graphics great storyline. the best game after Hearthstone good job Miniclip” — Pickle head 262626

“This game is a classic adventure RPG and brilliantly done. Enough said” — kw@pe

“The best hack & slash monster hunter game so far in android !!!” — Ronard Ryan

“Sets the standard. Excellent graphics, atmospheric music, no lag.. This is the new standard by which to measure other rpgs on android.” — Miles Henderson

Beast Quest on a beach

And finally, our favourite favourite review, from Google Play reviewer Jason Rodriguez:

Just amazing! From the first combat I knew I was going to love this game. I just barely beat the goblin leader which was tough but manageable. I’d highly recommend spending a couple bucks to get the coin multiplier. It will make being able to level your weapon and gear much easier. Bravo to the developer for making such an amazing game! I can’t wait to finish this chapter and unlocking the new one. I hope there will be regular updates. 

Actually Jason, we’re already working away at some new stuff for Beast Quest, which we’ll hopefully have some news on in the next few weeks! Thanks to everyone who’s played Beast Quest so far – and if you haven’t, do check it out for free now on iOS and Android, or you can play a lite version on Happy questing!