Miniclip Game Jam 2015

Last week, Miniclip hosted an open Game Jam in Lisbon, where participants created games in just 48 hours. The rules were that people could make any kind of game, in any genre, as long as it fit the chosen theme… SPACE COFFEE.

We opened the Game Jam on Friday and revealed the theme SPACE COFFEE to participants who got to work right away to come up with some awesome games by Sunday. With Miniclip developers around to provide guidance, a couple of bean bags for the occasional nap, and of course, a lot of coffee, the 14 teams spent the next 48 hours creating their games before presenting them to the rest of the group.

Miniclip Game Jam 06

Games were evaluated by participants themselves as teams scored each other in 4 categories: innovation, environment, theme and fun factor. The best team in each category received a category prize, while the game that averaged best across the board received the Best Game prize. We also awarded a special Miniclip prize decided by Miniclip staff. Here are the results!

The prize for innovation went to PLANET MOCHA. In Planet Mocha, your goal is to send fresh-made coffee across the galaxy back to planet Earth in rocket coffee mugs.

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COFFEE ISOLATION received the prize for environment!  In this game, you have to cross a dark space station filled with nasty critters using only your flashlight to guide you.

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In the theme category, the prize was awarded to IT’S ALL IN GRAIN. This is a score attack game that asks what if the universe was revolving in a mug of coffee and you had to dodge sugar asteroids to survive.

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For fun factor, the prize went to ILLEGAL COFFEE SPACE. Created by Guilherme Martins and Ricardo Toureiro, the game is about selling illegal coffee to robots at a space station while making sure you don’t get caught by the Space Police. Illegal Coffee Space averaged such good scores across the board that it also received the Best Game Prize! Miniclip staff were impressed by Illegal Coffee Space, too, and awarded the team the Miniclip Prize.

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The Miniclip Game Jam was about sharing experience and know-how by promoting game development in a friendly and casual environment. We wanted to give our participants a chance to experience a real team environment that is often the key to taking ideas to the next level.

We were very impressed by the teams’ determination to create a new game in only 2 days and can’t wait to hold the next Miniclip Game Jam! Check out a whole bunch of photos from the event below.

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