Teams With Powers coming to Soccer Stars!

A huge new update is coming to Soccer Stars on mobile, and it’s going to add a whole new level of strategy to the way you play the beautiful game! We’ve got a new time-limited tier to play in, a TON of new teams for you to unlock and play as, plus our biggest new feature, Teams With Powers. Want to know more? Read on!


Teams with Powers, you say?

When this update lands on your mobile device, all teams in the game will have 3 stats: Power, Aim and Time. What do they do?

Force: the more of this you have, the more powerful your max-charged shots will be. Smash the ball hard, or ram other pieces out of the way!

Aim: this power adds a guideline to your pieces that extends beyond the normal arrow when taking a shot. The more Aim you have, the longer the guideline.

Time: the Time stat increases the amount of time you will have to make your shot. No need to rush things and end up missing!

Each of the three stats can be between one and ten, with higher numbers giving more of that particular bonus. Check out some examples below.

teams with powersNo win, no fee

So every team in the game will now have these three stats, with more expensive, premium teams having better numbers than more basic ones. Teams now have a “win fee”, which is a percentage of your winnings that is automatically deducted upon winning a game (or coming second or first in a tournament.) This means that there’s no fee if you don’t win the game, apart from the coins you staked on the match, of course! A fee only gets deducted if you win the game.

Win fees vary between 5 and 20% and are balanced in regards to the stats and cost of the team. An expensive team could have average stats but a low win fee, or a cheap team could have good stats but a very high win fee – it’s all about choosing what’s best for you. Just because a team is more expensive, don’t assume it has a higher win fee… in fact, normally the more expensive a team, the lower its win fee. You can check out all a team’s stats and fee in the Shop before you decide where you’re spending your hard-earned coins and bucks.

New teams and a new tier

Also coming in the new update is some more brand new stuff, including a new tier and teams. Just in time for the Champions League final, the Berlin tier is only in the game for a limited time so don’t miss out on your chance to play in it! It has a prize of 6,000 coins which are yours if you can score 2 goals before your opponent does.

Tier Berlin_facebook


We’re also taking this opportunity to add some new country teams to the game, including China, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Canada and Denmark. Our Facebook fans have been requesting tons of different teams, so if there’s one that you still want to see added to Soccer Stars just let us know and maybe it’ll appear in a future update! In addition to the countries, there’s also a stash of cool new teams for you to send out on the pitch – take a look at a small selection of them below.

new teams june 2015

This huge update to Soccer Stars is coming very soon! It’s going to build on the game that you know and love, and give you the chance to take your skills to the next level with a new layer of strategy. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for an announcement when the update goes live!



43 replies

  1. Soccer Stars is really a cool Game.
    I will stop playing because of the Win fee…
    Nico Features e.g. Dayli slot machine Arme no longer available.

    If this Features will come back i will Continue playing… ?

  2. I liked the game until the update. Most things in the update are good other than the win fees. I had 7000 coins and I risked the double or nothing round and I won but afterwards I only had 9000 coins! This is ridiculous!! On average people win 50% of the time and when the entry fee is more than the prize money, you have no chance but to lose money! We have been doomed to fail with this update. I have lost over half my coins after the update when I should have been still steadily increasing!!! This is so dumb, fix it.

    • I face the same problem
      when u beat u don’t get full win points
      ex.if u play 100 single n win u get 70 only
      why is it soooo 8 ball pool u get full points

      • If you are going to compare this to real life… i.e. salary for players, then there should be income even when you lose a game, just as in real life, which is the only way real teams can pay salary. You still have ticket sales when you lose a game, and merchandise sales. Don’t compare this game to real life game as it only encompass small percentage of the actual game principles. No team will stay in business in real life if only income they made was if they won a game (i.e. fans only paid for tickets if the team won). Soccer leagues would go bankrupt. That is what is set up here…

  3. So with the win fee i am just loosing money when i win. If you take this away i think a lot of people will join the game, but if you dont then im not playing this again

  4. Taking the skill out of the game is bad enough with some teams having extra powers but the win fee is ridiculous. I’m now charged 40% on the team I’ve always had. See ya!

  5. Hi, from Brazil!
    Win fee is only a strategical marketing action. When you win less coins, the probability of you buy a package of coins, grows. Is just more money to Mini Clip, and less happiness to players.
    I think about give up from game…

  6. I started playing to this game as a guest and really liked it (mostly because I win a lot ;)), then after a while I decided to associate my Facebook account. But it reset all my progress and had to start again from the beginning. I had already got achievements like 20 wins streak, I don’t want to start over. Could it be possible to resync my Facebook with my guess account ?

  7. Hello, today 11.07.2015, happend something strange to me.
    I play and I won the game with score 2- 0, and the opponent was declared the winner.
    How it is possible ????
    And problems are not stop here, everytime when I play on mobile phone and win , I do not receive all the money.

    Thank you.

  8. Hello, I am playing SOCCER STARS and when I play with 25 coins, when i win a game the system just give me 40 coins and not 50, its an error or a theft ????????.

  9. All my countless hours of hard work, all my coins I earned and teams collected are gone! Wiped out!… Why?!?!

    Try starting a new career and keeps getting wiped out!! Sure am glad I didn’t spend any money on this mess of a game.

    Thanks MiniClip!!!!!

  10. The win fees are a total turnoff. At first I thought there was something wrong with the site but I’ve just learned about this new update.
    I’ve grown disenchanted because of the win fees. Leave it the way it was. Just like any beautiful game, you learn how to improve along the way. If lower experienced players want to challenge on high fee games, than it is their risk at learning how to play your game.
    If I don’t see a change then I will leave and find something better out there. There is always something else.

  11. I love this game.. But I hate the idea of using facebook account to have your user name and picture! Why I can’t upload a pic and have a username instead of Guest? I logged in with my facebook account and I had a totally new account not the one I’m using “Guest123xxxxx” if Miniclip read this please respond… Thanks

  12. This game has died ever since they instituted the “win fees” can barely get a game at the higher levels and the tournaments never fill up. Way to kill a great game!

  13. After iPad update two days ago, I can no longer see field…just black. No nets, no borders. Fix the blasted thing and give me my coins back!
    This game has become more frustrating with all the bugs then it is fun.

  14. I forgot to add that when I lose a game I still lose the same amount of coins so it seems the only change is a reduction in the prize money

  15. The win fee greatly devalued how fantastic this game is, and just felt the need to add to the many voices here asking for it to be removed by the next update or you will have lost another player. The reasoning of making it more life like is absurd and if you wish to truley do thay then show a pot where this “salary” is accruing and make a stakes game out of it.

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