Dude Perfect 2 – out now on iOS and Android!

Our new game, Dude Perfect 2, is here and is free to download from the App Store and Google Play! Dude Perfect, the guys behind YouTube’s second-biggest sports channel, are now pulling off their trademark insane trickshots on your mobile. Although they do need a little help to pull off the trickiest of tricks… that’s where you come in!

Dude Perfect 2 out now


Play as all five of the dudes (or Panda!) and stunt your way through 99 levels – with plenty more to come. Sink every basketball shot to beat each level, but you’ll need to use a variety of different balls and special powers to smash through obstacles and change the landscape of the level in order to make that perfect shot.

Each level presents its own challenge – sometimes you’ll need to smash blocks of ice with bowling balls, other times you’ll need to flip switches in order to clear a path to the hoop. Some times, you’ll need to lob a basketball into a jet engine and see it come firing out of the other side – all in a day’s work for the Dudes.

There are tons of different outfits to unlock and equip as you play, each of which provide a little visual twist on how you play the game. Baseball Garrett launches basketballs from his bat, Superhero Cory blasts them with his eyes while Tyler Cowboy makes use of his trusty revolver (fortunately, the basketballs never get punctured).

Dude Perfect 2 is out now on iOS and Android, so grab it for free from the App Store and Google Play. If you ever wanted to emulate the awesome feats of the Dudes, well – now’s the time!

As a special celebration of the launch of Dude Perfect 2, we are giving free energy refills to all players for the first few days. Grab it now and check it out!