Beast Quest update: new beast, new challenge

We just released a new update to Beast Quest, bringingĀ a little something new to the game. Actually, did we say “little”? Say hello to theĀ Ice Golem:

Beast Quest Ice Golem


Beast Quest has now been downloaded over 2 million times since its launch in mid-May on iOS, Android and Windows Phones, with players taking up the role of Tom and setting off on a quest to save the kingdom of Avantia by defeating hordes of enemies. This update is the first bit of new content to be added to the game, and introduces a whole new beast – the massive, hard-hitting Ice Golem – into Nanook’s World. Explore the world to find the Ice Golem – although be warned, he won’t go down without a fight!

While we wanted to give you this new beast to fight now, we’re also hard at work on a much larger update to Beast Quest, which will include world 3 of the game for those who have beaten Nanook and Sepron in the first two worlds. Look out for some screenshots, plus a video trailer, for world 3 in the next few weeks as we apply those finishing touches ahead of release.

In the meantime, grab this free update to Beast Quest now, pick up your sword and shield and get ready for battle!

Beast Quest is free to download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Get it here from the App Store, here from Google Play, and here from the Windows Phone store.