Beast Quest – World 3 Is Here!

The wait is over for Beast Quest fans as we can finally reveal world 3: Epos the Flame Bird, coming extremely soon!

This is the biggest and best update yet for Beast Quest, with a ton of incredible new stuff you won’t want to miss! Such as:

A brand new world!

A brand new area to explore! Travel to Stonewin volcano and its extensive surroundings, from the Cinder Woods to an ancient battlefield. With a rocky, mountainous landscape, open lava flows and nasty monsters lurking in hidden caves, this will be Tom and Elenna’s most dangerous¬†adventure yet! There are loads of exciting new quests to complete, all leading up to finding, facing and freeing another enormous, legendary beast.


Play as Elenna!

We’re extremely pleased to announce you can now play as Elenna!¬†Tap a button at any time to switch control to Elenna and use her expert archery skills. You can then aim by swiping the screen, and shooting an arrow is a simple press of a button. There are several uses for Elenna’s sharpshooting prowess. Shoot down flying enemies and hidden treasures, find new types of arrows and unlock secret areas, all with your bow!


Fearsome foes!

A new world brings with it new enemies, and Tom and Elenna will have to fight to survive! Fire-breathing hounds, flying vampire bats, nasty mosquitoes, even knights made of stone! All these challenges will serve to make sure Tom and Elenna are truly ready when they face off with the ferocious Epos the Flame Bird! You’ve already freed Nanook and Sepron, but Epos is the toughest beast yet, and you’ll need all your skills to free this majestic bird.


New challenges!

We’ve also got new challenges, achievements and secrets for all the completionists. Using Elenna’s bow will be the key in earning a lot of these new achievements, as well as unlocking and finding hidden secret areas. Can you explore every inch of this new land and get that elusive 100% completion rating?

Epos the Flame Bird is coming to Beast Quest very soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more news!

Beast Quest is free to download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Get it here from the App Store,here from Google Play, and here from the Windows Phone store.