Dude Perfect 2: 30 new stages and more!

Dude Perfect 2 already has enough bro-tastic content to last a lifetime, but we are too extreme to just rest on our laurels! An awesome new update is on the way, including 30 brand new stages, daily challenges with rad rewards and the ability to upload and share replays of your best stunts!

New levels!

The 30 new stages follow on from the end of the existing ones, so you’ll need to have finished the current game before you can play them! The Dude’s travels take them to a lakeside summerhouse, with most of our new stages taking place on the water. Careful not to sink!


New balls!

The update also introduces a new type of ball: the Splitter! This ball splits into three smaller ones with a simple tap after you’ve thrown it. Pick the right moment to split it and make sure the three smaller balls land where you want them to!

These new levels are challenging and will put to good use the skills you have learned to reach this point, but we know you can do it! Even more will be on the way before long, if you can make it through these…

New challenges!

We’re also adding daily challenges, which are rather self-explanatory. Every day you’ll have three challenges to complete, from sinking a certain amount of hoops to completing stages as a specific character. You’ll earn rewards such as in-game currency, items and more, but you won’t be penalised if you don’t finish them.


Video sharing!

Finally, you can now save and upload videos of your best shots using the awesome Kamcord technology. After finishing a level, you’ll see a “share replay” button. Hit this and you’ll get the option to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or email. You can even record some voiceover using your phone! Use this awesome new feature to share you sickest shots and make your friends jealous!

The new update for Dude Perfect 2 is totally free and coming soon. Enjoy the new stages and try and get three stars on every single one! Only then will you be dude… perfect! Dude Perfect 2 is out now on iOS and Android, so grab it for free from the App Store and Google Play.