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You’ve all heard of it. has taken the internet by storm, played by millions around the world and earning the attention of websites like Kotaku and YouTubers like Pewdiepie. In case you’ve been living under a rock (in which case, sort out your housing arrangement), we’ll give you a quick rundown. is a multiplayer game where you control a tiny cell. By moving around and eating small food pellets as well as other players, you can grow larger and larger until you are the biggest cell on the server! You can also eject mass and split into multiple cells, all useful strategies to eat other players while avoiding the same fate! It’s simple, easy to learn and extremely addictive.


Well, the fun has just gone portable. We’re extremely happy to announce that Miniclip is bringing to iOS and Android devices! It’s the same brilliant game you know and love, tweaked to work perfectly on a touch screen. We’ve added a bunch of new customizable control options including taps, swipes and automatic movement, so you can tweak them until you find your perfect set-up.

Otherwise, it’s the same game: totally fun and totally free. Survive as long as you can in the world of, and remember: it’s cell-eat-cell out there!


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  1. I have some ideas for the game… n I am hoping u will kindly listen to me… can u try to add an option of teams… can u also try to create more servers to play on… it’s very annoying playing on one server… grrrr… lol… thanks for listening if u did… although I enjoyed the game a little bit… I hope uuse one of my suggestions if not both…. thank you for reading this

  2. The Agar platform on IOS has been hacked. 5 times over the last week when I have had the largest cell on the board a new larger player has instantly spawned onto the board beside me. Agar please fix your game platform and stop these cheaters from playing.

  3. I’d really like to know how majority of the people on agario have pictures in their bubble…
    how do I do that

  4. I besides that take out the lag and bots , I feel great and about the coins want to give more coins or make a daily roulette would be able to earn a esquins free or coins in the roulette to make the game more fun puden more entertaining and also put more levels and what comes to mind but Algu very good mess for people and all AGAR.IO playing more fun and be entertained and skins that are good thanks

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