Update: so, we now have a new “confirmed” release date… August 27th 🙂

Good news, everyone: at last, we can reveal that On The Run is coming to iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices on Thursday, August 27!

We appreciate it’s been a long wait, and not all of you might be familiar with On The Run. Want an easy way to remind yourself? Check out our Let’s Play for all the info:


What is On The Run? It’s a brilliant mixture of arcade racer and endless runner that is unlike anything else you’ve played. Your mission is a simple one: drive as far as you can before time runs out! In practice however, doing so is far from easy. Other cars litter the road, and by driving up behind them, you’ll receive a “slipstream” speed bonus. Get too close though and you’ll obviously crash, so keeping a close but careful distance from other cars is the key to achieving high speeds and great distances.

That’s not all of course: you’ll have police hot on your tail, TV helicopters trying to film you and less and less time to get from checkpoint to checkpoint. Once that time runs dry, your run is over. Don’t despair though, as a variety of special vehicles can be unlocked that give you brief spells piloting amazing rides including tanks, monster trucks, planes and even a UFO! These special vehicles are extremely powerful, so always try to pick them up when you can.

Want more On The Run fun? Check out our exclusive interview with the developer HERE!

Otherwise, not long to go now until August 27! Thanks for being so patient with us, the time is almost here! Like the new On The Run Facebook page for all the latest info!