Tips for playing

Agario screenshot it’s the game played by millions on mobile and in your browser. It’s been the top app on the App Store and been played by YouTube superstars like Pewdiepie and Markiplier. It’s so simple to play – just move your little cell around eating pellets and other cells, growing in mass every time you do. But are you having trouble getting your name on that leaderboard? We’ve got a few pointers that might help you out.

The absolute basics

Alright, you may be a new player – here’s a few things you absolutely need to know:

1) You gain mass by eating pellets and other cells

2) You can only eat a cell that’s significantly smaller than you

3) The bigger you are, the slower you move

4) You can “split” to shoot half of your mass forward and swallow up other cells

5) Viruses (those green spiky things) are fine if you’re still small, but touch one when you’re big and… boom

6) Other players will be trying to eat you, all the time. Keep moving!

Okay, those are the basic core mechanics of a game of Here’s a few slightly more advanced tips that should help you out.

If you’re still small, stay away from the edge…

The playing area of is not infinite – it has “walls” that you will squish up against if you get too close. You can’t get past those walls, which means you can easily become trapped by other cells looking to devour you. The four corners of the area are especially dangerous places for a new cell to hang around – you can get boxed in easily with no escape. Keep away from the edges while your cell is still small: the edges themselves are invisible but you’ll tell when you’re approaching one because you’ll stop seeing pellets ahead of you.

…if you’re large, the edges are prime hunting ground

Of course, if you’re big enough, the boot is on the other… cell. Edges and corners are where you’ll be able to pick up plenty of easy meals by trapping other cells who are foolish enough to wander into your domain. Bear in mind that the larger you are, the more zoomed-out your view is – so you can see where the corners are far more easily than smaller cells. Line ’em up and get stuck in.

Use “Split” carefully

Split is the most useful tool you have in a game of, but it can also mess up your whole game if you don’t use it properly. Splitting fires off half your mass in the direction you’re facing, at high speed. This is the best way to hoover up other cells, as the mass you shoot off will be travelling faster than they are. However, use caution: since splitting sees you divide in two, you’ll need to be at least twice the size of your target to execute a successful splitkill.

And of course, if you split yourself in two, you suddenly become an easier target for bigger cells. It’s a balancing act and a risk you take every time you split – but you won’t get to the top unless you master this technique.

8 ball

Stick together

When you do split – or get split up by a virus collision – you don’t merge back into one single cell straight away. It takes a little time before you start melding back together, so try and keep all your parts nearby and watch out for any scavengers piling in to swallow up your smaller cells. You can see when you start to merge back into one – this can be a great time to start to actually move towards would-be scavengers in the knowledge that you’ll soon be much bigger than them again… at which point it’ll be too late for them…

Evasive maneuvers

This sounds so obvious, but you’d be amazed how many players flee from danger in a straight line. If you’ve played some, you’ll know that moment of panic when you realise that some big beast has their eye on you and is cruising in your direction, just fine-tuning their aim before hitting Split and taking you out.

So… don’t make it easier for them! If you realise that you’re being eyed up for a splitkill, change direction. Zigzag around, head for the nearest virus or even another large cell – anything that makes splitting a more risky proposition for your would-be predator. If there’s none around, simply feint going in one direction for a second and then sharply go the opposite – most often the bigger cell will take the bait and not be able to react quickly enough to catch up with you.

If you think you’re truly stuffed – say you’re stuck in a corner – this can be a good time to deploy the ejector seat that is an emergency split. Sure, you’ll leave half your mass behind for the big cell to take – but your other half gets away and you’re still in the game. Just remember the name of the bigger cell so that you can come back and have your revenge…


Virus protips

Those green spiky viruses we mentioned before? If you’re small enough, you can actually hide behind these. Other players may try and do this too…at which point they’ll fly straight into your waiting cell for an easy snack. Generally, loitering near a virus while you’re small can be a good move – other players will likely do the same and you can pick them off. Just watch out for anyone slightly bigger than you who’s trying the same trick.

One other thing: you can actually eject mass at viruses in order to fire them at other players. You’ll need to hit it several times in order to trigger this, but there’s no better feeling than seeing some massive, server-dominating cell suddenly scrambling around trying to piece itself back together.


Lag is the enemy of any multiplayer game. To help avoid this happening to you, make sure you’re playing on a strong wifi connection. Still having problems? Check to see if any of your other apps are doing stuff in the background and close them. If you’re playing on browser, it might be worth clearing your browser cache and disabling / removing unnecessary extensions that you might have running. Bear in mind that if you’re trying to play on mobile on a 3G connection and download a 2 gig Hearthstone update at the same time, then yeah, you might experience some lag.

(Also: if you ARE downloading 2 gigs of anything on 3G, please contact your bill payer. If you ARE the bill payer, what are you doing?!)

How to use skins in

Okay, this is not strictly a tip, but we do get asked it a lot, so: to use a skin in, just type in whatever skin you want as your username. Eg, you wanna be a doge, you type “doge” and press start. Piece of cake.

There’s a limited number of skins, from NASA to Sweden to Reddit to 8 Ball to Imperial Japan. Try a few out and see what you like. Just bear in mind that drawing attention to yourself in may lead to someone really, really trying their best to eat you.


That’s all we’ve got for you for now – but if you’ve got another tip, just post it in the comments below for other players to check out!

In the meantime, don’t forget that you can play for free on iOS or Android, or you can play it in your browser. Finally, join the game’s fast-growing Facebook page, and subscribe to the official YouTube channel where we personally put together the videos that we’ve been watching and loving since the game launched.