Join The Official 8 Ball Pool Forum Cup!

Big news for 8 Ball Pool players – we are running a new tournament with exclusive, amazing prizes – but the only place to sign up and take part is our official forum!

The Official 8 Ball Pool Forum Cup is a pair of huge 32-person knock-out tournaments – one for PC players, one for mobile. Head on over to the thread, take a look at the first post and sign up! We’ve already got enough PC players, but there are still some spaces open for those who prefer mobile. Even if the tournament is full, keep on signing up, as we’ll have a waiting list in case anyone can’t compete.

The ONLY WAY to earn this exclusive achievement is winning the tournament!

The ONLY WAY to earn this exclusive achievement is winning the tournament!

Seeing as this is an official tournament, we’re giving away prizes! They are as follows:

4th place: 10,000 coins and 25 cash

3rd place: 20,000 coins and 50 cash

2nd place: 50,000 coins, 75 cash and an Ball Pool T-shirt!

1st place: 100,000 coins, 100 cash, an 8 Ball Pool T-shirt and an EXCLUSIVE IN-GAME ACHIEVEMENT! YOU CANNOT GET THIS ACHIEVEMENT ANY OTHER WAY!

Each round takes place over a week, and players are free to decide when to play their game so as to best suit them and their opponent. We want to keep things fun and casual.

If you don’t make it into the tournament this time, don’t worry! This is only the beginning, and we are hoping to make the Forum Cup a regular event in the future. Don’t worry, your chance will come again!

So, head over to the thread HERE, read up on the rules and sign up! Not a member of our forum yet? Why not? This is your big chance!

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  1. Tip; when as a player you keep getting a “lost connection”, do not play for awhile. Because there still may be an error and you will get this problem during game.

  2. I was playing a game of eight ball pool. I sunk the 8 then it said slow connection so I wem to sink it again and said I ran out of time costing me the game cause opponent wa set up. I was playing weekly tournament and the 100 thousand loss could cost me a place and more winnings. Fix this

  3. At first I was glad to see the leagues coming to 8 ball. After buying more coins and playing more games I find only the 3 top winners receive any winnings. This means 99.999% of the rest of have no benefit no matter what league we are on. Once again the rich coin buyers are the only winners.

    • Ben, please correct me if I’m wrong about the leagues. Also when someone is voted #1 in the league, how is this done and how are the coins awarded? I am not sure I actually received any winning coins.

    • Come on Ben. Tell me something that will encourage other players and myself to continue to play in the leagues. I want to play if everyone can win a few coins. Like in real bowling leagues, at the end of season top players get the most cash and every body else gets some. Please offer an answer.

  4. Hey what’s going on???. In the 8 Ball pool game when i needed one ball “”THE LAST ONE”” to get the 8 ball, i shooted to the 6 ball(the last) and the ball get in the pocket and then the white ball continue right to the 8 ball and hit it entering in the pocket too without the white ball. Why i’m not the winner???

    it was 2 ball in one shoot without the white ball in the pocket.
    Please need to check. Thanks for this game

    • Yeah that’s happened to me a couple times. Just because you get lucky and hit the 8ball in doesn’t still count. You have to make the shot, call your 8ball pocket and shoot it there in its own “round”. (Unless if course you’re playing a game where you don’t have to call pocket on 8ball.) That’s just the rules buddy. Sorry.

  5. I just did my daily free spin I hit 50,000 and it didn’t give it to me how do I talk to someone about this?

  6. Will you ever fix the bug where if the oppenent has an eight ball shot aqnd doesnt shoot it they lose because they dont weant to take a diffucult shot on the eight ball there should be a pentaly for this like losing the game i beiieve they should have to take a shot on the eight ball

  7. Has anyone noticed this? Ever since the iOS9 upgrade, 8 Ball Pool graphics are acting funny–when I join a table, the table and the table surface are all black so I can’t see the table border nor the color of the table. This is intermittent but it has been happing more than none.


  8. I have been waiting since last Friday for my game to get FIXED!!! I tap on Anything n I get sent back to my homepage. Lvl 65 n over 850k coins I Paid REAL MONEY for. Could u Please fix this? TY

  9. I was cheated on, the other player kept sending chat msgs during my hit on the black ball, which made me loose my turn; it was my first and last game on the 10,000 table…
    I contacted the support about it but they didn’t do anything.
    I got too frustrated and now uninstalled the game, such a behavior should not be tolerated, this is cheating and it really got to my nerves
    and the game should not freeze when you get a msg, I found out later there is an option to remove msgs but it is not the solution…

    • I also want to participate in this tournament please tell me how can I take participate in this tournament

  10. I love this game but why in tournament it is unfair. How can I beat the 239 & my lvl is only 23 plus he is the one who break the rack. How can i win on that style. In normal tournament I played only lvl 68. Thats ok but how about 239. so disgusting.

  11. hey miniclip please fix my winning .. my winnings are not increasing i dont know why and tommorow is new week i wanna top my league so kindly fix my winning till tommorow

  12. There are many problems with those game. It 1st the said log in with Facebook and get 5 cash. I logged in my account with Facebook no cash. Second problem is i always try to get some cash with tapjoy and there other blue icon.i never get the cash.i tried many times they say click on app and install it get free cash this never worked for me. 3 problem is i win to many games in a week when i check my league my winnings are zero. Wtf is this my unique id is 205-963-512-9. Some times i think i should buy a cue or cash. But how can i trust where i will loss my cash and never get a cue.fix it.i really love the game

  13. My weekly winnings is not working if i win any game then my result is 0 in weekly competition please unbanned me in weekly competition

  14. “Slow connection” and “Connecting you to the game” mid game, normally just as I’m about to win.
    Nothing wrong with my internet or wifi.
    Lose the game!
    Happens a lot.
    Is someone cheating somehow?

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