Join The Official 8 Ball Pool Forum Cup!

Big news for 8 Ball Pool players – we are running a new tournament with exclusive, amazing prizes – but the only place to sign up and take part is our official forum!

The Official 8 Ball Pool Forum Cup is a pair of huge 32-person knock-out tournaments – one for PC players, one for mobile. Head on over to the thread, take a look at the first post and sign up!¬†We’ve already got enough PC players, but there are still some spaces open for those who prefer mobile. Even if the tournament is full, keep on signing up, as we’ll have a waiting list in case anyone can’t compete.

The ONLY WAY to earn this exclusive achievement is winning the tournament!

The ONLY WAY to earn this exclusive achievement is winning the tournament!

Seeing as this is an official tournament, we’re giving away¬†prizes! They are as follows:

4th place: 10,000 coins and 25 cash

3rd place: 20,000 coins and 50 cash

2nd place: 50,000 coins, 75 cash and an Ball Pool T-shirt!

1st place: 100,000 coins, 100 cash, an 8 Ball Pool T-shirt and an EXCLUSIVE IN-GAME ACHIEVEMENT! YOU CANNOT GET THIS ACHIEVEMENT ANY OTHER WAY!

Each round takes place over a week, and players are free to decide when to play their game so as to best suit them and their opponent. We want to keep things fun and casual.

If you don’t make it into the tournament this time, don’t worry! This is only the beginning, and we are hoping to make the Forum Cup a regular event in the future. Don’t worry, your chance will come again!

So, head over to the thread HERE, read up on the rules and sign up! Not a member of our forum yet? Why not? This is your big chance!