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Have you ever wondered who the best 8 Ball Pool players in the world are? One easy way to tell is in the game itself – just open up those Weekly Competition standings and take a look – but we’ve also decided to bring back something that a lot of players have been asking for on our forum and on Facebook. Say hello to the first of our weekly Top 10 Players Leaderboards.

There’s one major difference between this and what you can see in the game – it picks out the top 10 players in the world based not on the amount of coins that they’ve won that week, but how many games they’ve triumphed in.

8 Ball Pool Leaderboard 17 Aug 2015

You can also see the player’s win % for the week, and their highest streak during this period. Have you ever had a higher streak than this?

Important note: this leaderboard only counts wins against unique opponents. So if a player is racking up the wins against the same opponent, only the first win will count towards the data on our top 10.

We’ll be posting more leaderboards on our official 8 Ball Pool Forum, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you’re following – and maybe your name will be on here in the near future?


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  1. every time i win a game .the next game I am cut off to your ad for all your games. so I never get too finish the 2nd or 3rd game of the match 8 ball pool games

    • Listen u have a windows phone is that correct i. clear all of the data then delete the app turn your phone off then re-download the app if this does not work you may have to reset your phone

      • my favourite and main 8ball pool accound banned.for reactive my 8ball pool accound what i should to do.kindly please inform me.i am too much worry about my account.in my account 50m coin and 24cash.try to understand my condition

  2. I think to make this app better, the should enforce league rules. Specifically, potting the cue ball while the primary target ball is the 8-ball, should result in an automatic loss. I’ve lost several games to this rule not being enforced.

  3. What’s that “jumping” the balls do from time to time? When it happens I miss the ball for millimeters…I think is some sort of bug on the program or a “rig” to avoid wining… Specially if you win more than 3 in a row….
    You guys suck! If you need to cheat to make money = stealing

    • I have already emailed about this problem. It’s not right or fair you put your ball and it gives your opponent ball in hand. My husband and myself both play and pay for coins and now it won’t stop addressing up even after the update.

    • Several tournaments I would be in the last game, last ball I would be fixing to hit the eight ball, and before I could shoot the game ends and I lost before I could even shoot and the other player won.? Or during game will be disrupted when finally get back to game I already lost? It’s a fun game I enjoy playing it, but that is upsetting to go through

    • PLEASE READ REPOST AND SHARE SO THIS CAN BE FIXED!!! Please change the 1vs1 menu so that it shows the All In to 100 all the way up to 1000000 in that order instead of going to the next highest bet based on the amount of coins you have. Please make the menu always start at lowest bid. I have almost 200 dollars worth of coins because of glitches, accidental clicks/bids and there never enough time to cancel or a split second or slim chance to cancel the bid. There should be at least 5-8 seconds to cancel a bid or a way to disable and reenable the ones you don’t want to bid on. A lot of people have this problem and they including myself will not play this game anymore if this problem is not fixed. I would rather lose 5000 than 50000 or 500000 if I didn’t intentionally bid on the higher bids. At least add confirmation screen for every bid so you can confirm or decline the bid so you don’t lose all your coins by accident. A lot of people will agree with me on this one. Thank you for your time and your support and hope you fix this problem soon.

      • Wow. You’re sick with it.
        Don’t give up. You can find a way to break free from the torment. Hang in there.

  4. @teamminiclip before the recent update we could challenge friends with what ever match we like all the way to 10 m. (On android) after the update, now the highest match that we can play with friends is 100k. Please fix this. Thanks.

  5. Since I did the update, I can’t see the corner pockets. I have tried everything to make it smaller. I even deleted the game and reinstalled it. Can anyone help with this problem?

  6. Hey Miniclip‚ I’ve had 8 ball pool for a year now I’ve played it so much I’m level 150 I’m Black Diamond and I buy a lot of cash and that new update you had where you get the surprise boxes it makes me really upset I get the same cues over and over! I waste my good money to get nothing in return! Thanks

  7. Just saying ive seen people on the game who have won over 4000 games… not sure why they have the number one player with only 899 games won lol. Maybe its just cuz i play on the android app

    • Don’t play this game west your time because your winning the match and lose of all money in 1 game that’s too bad creation you give your time to win a matches but lost of coin in 1 game

  8. Hey miniclip
    This is yasir from pakistan i want to play with my friends with 10 M winning coins reward but after latest update we are unable to play more than 100 K . This is very desperately for us . So please fix this issue ASAP so we could again enjoy this game
    Waiting your response

  9. I’m tired of losing my free spins every 24 hours due to “lack of connection” when I’ve got 3 of 5 dots on my LTE connection. The funny thing is that I get connected right away after losing my free spins and never have any issues during game play

  10. What to say i have beeing playing THE 8pool game for say like 4 years now.
    And recently i have beeing geting some problems whit it .
    I want to play 5000 pool coins and it starts to play me for 50000 of them.
    And then i come to THE end and almost THE winning of THE game.
    My conection dorps and when it is back my turn is over and i loose THE game anyway!..This is not THE first time this has happend but play for 5000 and loose it is not THE Same as loosing 50000 grt

  11. I suspect that I’ve encountered a few players who have found a way to manipulate the 8 ball pool game by stalling or delaying turns intentionally and for an unusually significant amounts amount of time.
    I realize players will frequently exit the game just before they lose, causing the “waiting on your opponent” message to hang for a moment before advancing to the outcome screen. It’s very common & never stalls for more than 15 to 30 seconds. Admittedly, I’ve done this myself many times just to move on to another match or close the app completely. However, I’ve been matched against a few players recently that seem to be able to prompt that delay for as long as 3 or 4 minutes. I’m guessing the goal is to make their opponents grow impatient and discouraged enough to exit the match, subsequently forfeiting what would have been an inevitable win. On several occasions I’ve seen this occur several times in a single match, with my opponent “returning” only long enough maybe to see if I’ve given up, before prompting the “waiting” message again for another 3 to 4 minutes.
    I was able to get the players information during the most recent match that I witnessed these suspicious circumstances and have filed a report as a request.
    Anyone else?

    • I agree Sean, this happens a LOT!
      Sore losers, or just downright cheats. I’ve hit ‘Leave’ and moved on myself in the past, generally out of frustration due to the opponent’s incredible luck in a game that they shouldn’t have won. i.e. smash and hope for the best. However, I will always add a ‘well played’ before I exit if it’s deserved.
      Another bugbear of mine, second only to the deliberate clock wasters, is speed commenters, those that rapid fire distracting ‘I love you’ and the like when trying to line up a shot. Easy enough to ignore, but this is a truly good game that has no place for these type of players. It should be a friendly atmosphere with compliments aplomb.
      On that note, if free chat is to appear as a regular feature, I expect that unfriendly abuse may get worse, unless it’s robustly monitored. What do others think?

    • ma win streak is 67 bro ..that’s not a big thing I m level 25 ..started 8 ball pool some days a go but my win percent still is 82.9% and I have won a match against level 193 in caiso Kasbah ….with a clean sheet ……challenge me I will promise I will easily break ur streak

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