8 Ball Pool – Top 10 Players

Have you ever wondered who the best 8 Ball Pool players in the world are? One easy way to tell is in the game itself – just open up those Weekly Competition standings and take a look – but we’ve also decided to bring back something that a lot of players have been asking for on our forum and on Facebook. Say hello to the first of our weekly Top 10 Players Leaderboards.

There’s one major difference between this and what you can see in the game – it picks out the top 10 players in the world based not on the amount of coins that they’ve won that week, but how many games they’ve triumphed in.

8 Ball Pool Leaderboard 17 Aug 2015

You can also see the player’s win % for the week, and their highest streak during this period. Have you ever had a higher streak than this?

Important note: this leaderboard only counts wins against unique opponents. So if a player is racking up the wins against the same opponent, only the first win will count towards the data on our top 10.

We’ll be posting more leaderboards on our official 8 Ball Pool Forum, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you’re following – and maybe your name will be on here in the near future?