Tips for playing On The Run

On The Run is finally here, bringing high-speed high-score action to your phone! Simply cruising along the highway is enjoyable, but the real fun comes in topping the leaderboards and beating your friends’ puny best times. We’ve got a few tips that will help you reach the top and get further than ever before!


Slipstreaming is the mechanic that On The Run revolves around, and without mastering it you aren’t going to get very far.

Slipstreaming involves driving closely behind other cars and vehicles briefly. Do it correctly and you’ll receive a brief speed boost and a combo meter will begin to count down. Make sure to move out of the way of the car before you hit it however, or you’ll crash and lose all speed and momentum. However, if you can drive up behind another car before the combo meter runs out, your combo will rise by one and you’ll get another speed boost! The larger combos you can rack up, the faster you’ll get.

Racking up huge slipstream combos is the best way to excel at On The Run, nipping in and out behind cars as you speed down the road. An interesting note: on the stages with cars coming towards you, you can still slipstream them before they hit you! You’ll have even less time to get out of the way and avoid a head-on collision, so be careful!



Collect three of the blue lightning bolts that litter the road and you’ll get a massive burst of speed that lets you plough through anything in your way as you rocket ahead. Perhaps more importantly though, the speed boost lets you keep going after time has run out. Normally when time runs out, your car will quickly slow to a stop. However, if a speed boost is active, you’ll keep going until it runs out, THEN slow down.

Similarly, if you are in a special vehicle which is about to run out, picking up that third lightning bolt and starting a speed boost will extend your time in the vehicle until the boost is over. It’s worth trying to time you third and final lightning bolt as such, to try and extent your special vehicle or keep yourself going long enough to get to the next checkpoint and earn some more time.


Every now and then a helicopter will appear with a spotlight shining down on one lane in the road. Drive in this spotlight to earn coins! The spotlight will randomly move from lane to lane, so make sure to keep up with it to maximise your earnings. It won’t make you go faster, but it’s always nice to make an extra buck!



It’s an obvious one, but bears repeating. Every time you see a special vehicle, do your best to pick it up! Special vehicles make you go faster and further, and once you’ve upgraded their duration they will last a long time. Make sure you take the time to learn how each one controls to make the most of your time in them and rack up some extra coins.


While running into other vehicles on the road head-on will slow you right down and ruin your run, moving into them from the side will knock them out of the way while you keep on going. A useful tip to remember if you find yourself flanked by cars while another is rapidly approaching from the front. Knock ’em out the way and carry on!


Every game you’ll have a new run goal to complete. These are normally quite simple, such as driving a certain amount of distance in a particular lane, or destroying a number of cars using a special vehicle. Complete these to earn a nice bunch of bonus coins on finishing the run! Again, it doesn’t help you in terms of getting a high score, but it will let you afford those tasty upgrades that bit sooner.

On The Run is out now for iOS, Android and Windows Phone! Follow the official Facebook page for all the latest updates!

Too many words? We’ve got a tips & tricks video too 😉