Introducing the VIP Club!

We’ve got a new feature in 8 Ball Pool that our mobile users might have already discovered: the VIP Club! The VIP Club rewards our most hardcore players with a bunch of in-game benefits, from multipliers on your free coins to extra free spins every day, and a lot more!


The VIP Club has six tiers: bronze, silver, gold, emerald, diamond and black diamond. A new 8 Ball Pool player will start at the bronze tier. You’ll earn points every time you level up, or purchase coins or cash, and once you’ve earned enough points, you’ll move up to the next tier.

A number of things get boosted by levelling up in the VIP Club. At the bronze tier, everything is the same as normal, but once you reach silver and onwards, all these elements get increasingly multiplied. So, for example, at the silver tier, your coin purchases are multipled by 1.25. Reach black diamond and they are multiplied by a huge 5 times! Check out the full details below:


Some of the best benefits include:

  • XP boost – the higher your club tier, the more XP you’ll earn as you play. This means you’ll level up quicker!
  • Hourly free coins – the amount of coins you get free every hour will increase with your tier!
  • Daily spins – at higher tiers, you’ll get two Spin & Wins a day rather than one! Also, the coins you win from them will be multiplied!

The VIP Club is available now for mobile users, and will be coming to PC in future. Only a select few of our super-hardcore pool players will ever make it to black diamond, but everyone can reap the rewards regardless of their tier! Play loads of 8 Ball Pool and enjoy!