Bowling King – new to Miniclip

UPDATE: the new version of Bowling King is out now! Get it free from the App Store or Google Play and start your quest to become the world’s #1 Bowling King!

The #1 bowling game on the App Store is about to get even better! We’re happy to announce that Miniclip now publishes Bowling King, and we’re celebrating this fact by getting ready to release a HUGE new update to the game, bringing a ton of new features and improvements.

Of course, at heart, Bowling King will still be the same bowling game that has been downloaded millions of times and is already super-popular. We don’t want to mess with that core gameplay. But we are adding a lot of things that we hope will make the game even better! Let’s walk through some of the new stuff.

Become the Bowling King

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a brand new game mode, replacing Single Game. It’s a 40-stage challenge, played solo, with prizes awarded for each stage that you clear. This isn’t ordinary bowling though – each stage has its own unique layout and obstacles to overcome. On some stages you’ll have to swerve past barriers, or hurl your ball up ramps, or manoeuvre your way across moving platforms – all while trying to hit the target score for that stage. It’s not easy, but the prizes are worth it!

More bowling balls

One of our favourite things about Bowling King is the different balls that you can use. Some of them have different effects, like a higher max power to your throw, or extra hook for when you need to spin the ball back to pick up a spare. And of course, some of them just look awesome (definitely eyeing-up the Midas’ Touch ball at the moment).

There are now over 60 balls for you to add to your collection, and blow your opponents away with. Have a browse through the revamped shop and see which one takes your fancy.

Bowling King balls

New level system; higher level cap

If you’re a longtime Bowling King player, chances are that you’re already close to – or already at – the level cap of 99. We’re pleased to say that we’re going to be raising the level cap to 150, to give you the chance to keep levelling-up and collecting rewards.

We’re also revamping how the level system works in the game – for starters, you will no longer be “locked out” of different stages because your chip balance is too high. You’ll be able to play in whatever stage you want, as long as you’ve got the chips to afford the entry fee of course.

New stage, new prizes

We’ve also rebalanced the entry fees and prizes that are available in all the 1v1 tiers in the game. The prizes range from 5,000 chips in Los Angeles, right the way up to a massive 50 million chips in Vegas! We’ve added a new stage, Seoul, that not only looks great but provides a nice choice for players who feel comfortable staking 125,000 chips, but maybe aren’t quite ready to risk a cool 500,000 chips on the next step up, the Caribbean stage.

Bowling King different stages
Send and receive gifts from your friends

Another new thing we’re adding is the ability to send gifts to your friends in the game, and receive gifts from them in turn. Gifting allows you to send a package of 2,500 free chips to any of your Facebook friends once per day. These chips aren’t taken from your own stash – they’re completely free for you and your friends. You can also send and request hearts, which are needed to play the Challenge Mode stages.

Look out for the new Gifts button in the game with this update.

New Offline Practice mode

Can’t get online, and still fancy a quick bowling fix? We’ve got a new Offline Practice mode for you. It’s very similar to the new Challenge Mode, but without the entry requirements or prizes. Still, it’s a great chance to practice your skills and get ready for the real thing.

Other improvements

These are the main new features we’ve added, but we’ve also made a ton of performance improvements to Bowling King. These include cleaning up the game’s menus and interface, making it easier for you to jump into a game or navigate to your achievements list or your bowling ball collection. Oh and we’ve also massively improved the game’s loading time, to ensure you don’t have to wait for long before getting started.

So that’s what we’ve got for you, coming soon to Bowling King. This update will be out soon, so keep an eye on the official Bowling King Facebook page for all the latest news about the release. In the meantime, get Bowling King on your mobile or tablet from the App Store or Google Play, and hold tight for our new update!


36 replies

  1. Hello there, i really enjoy the game. The only thing missing is being able to commjnicate with messages with the other plzyers.

  2. Hallo, ich möchte bei bowling king meine landesflagge ändern wie ist dss möglich?!

    Hi i need helt to change my flag in bowling king ios game.

    I looks completly but i misses the function to change my flag. Pls help me

    • Hello I to facing the same problem I can’t able to change the flag, I’m from India but it’s showing some other nationality flag, please look into the issue thanks.

  3. When I go into the 1v1 menu there is a small profile picture (people I have played before) below some of the levels (Hawaii for example); is this a friend request?

  4. Hearts timer needs fixing…regardless of time elapsed the recharge timer for hearts won’t restart until you log in. This makes it impossible to get through the challenges without diligently opening the game every 4 hours. Fix this please!

  5. Hi there bowlers. Can any one tell a simpler way of getting to Practice mode? instead of loading the game, then turning off the wifi and try to connect and wait till it says “Offline Mode?”

    • Hi there, this is a known problem on iOS which is now fixed. Please make sure you have the latest version of the game from the App Store 🙂

      • I have the newest version from iTunes but if I try to play two games in a row, it freezes and I lose whatever I put up – and on the longer games like Las Vegas 50,000,000 and you put up 25,000,000, I was up over 40 pins going into the last frame and it froze/crashed – have to exit out of the game but none of the game buttons work and when you exit out and come back in – boom 25,000,000 gone – ahhhhhh

  6. I really enjoy your game, the only problem I have with it is people quitting when they’re not going to win and it prevents you from completing the mission as well as the game. People who quit the game should not be allowed to do it more than 3 times then a 24 hour period

  7. why is the game short changing us on our winnings? eg, i just had 5.1 million won a 10 million game and i have 14.9m. doing it every time you win. spoke to others and same for them. not keen on being cheated really

  8. What are the different icons for? The one looks like a little cart or something in the top right corner. If you win the game or get so many spares etc.

  9. I always bowled great, but one player was on here and four times in a row I ended up drawing them. Every time they started a game and then left. Then, I found I couldn’t bowl any strikes. Almost like I have been hacked. I seem to be in my strike zone but one pin is ALWAYS left up, where before it would be a strike. Becareful if you see someone with a white flag and a red dot. They are a anonamous player. They have no picture.

  10. I can’t get my photo on the game. I can’t share to my Facebook. Does anyone know why or how I can get my photo on this game

  11. Game keeps crashing on challenge. Same place every time on the last round. It’s using all my lives and is very annoying. Reported four times now…

  12. one I want to be able to type my own messages to other players instead of the the ones on bowling King and also can the voice changed to a woman’s like before please because I’m not liking the mans voice

  13. I’m sitting next to BF and we are both playing bowling kings. Neither of us are on Facebook and choose not to be. We are both signed in as guests. I search and find their number and challenge them to a game. They never receive my request. They search for me and request to be friends, I never receive the friend request. Sad. We want to play against each other. HOW?

  14. Although the game is ” free to download & play “, they need revenue for various things to keep the game playable and available. This is the why there are in app purchasing.

  15. there should be a way to unfriend someone on bowling king. some people take the GAME a little too seriously and send stupid comments when in competition, just a thought thanks

  16. Bowling king is flawed, you will begin to realise eventually that your game is being sabotaged and that you will lose thousands of chips, you will even realise that many games played, you will lose even though you play exactly the same.

    Many people on other forums have already picked up on this.

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