Big new update coming to Soccer Stars

We’re about to launch a big new update to Soccer Stars, with a ton of new teams and some new features too. We’ve even got a team from the German Bundesliga making their Soccer Stars debut! Read on to find out more about what we’re adding to the game.

Schalke teams coming soon

Welcome, FC Schalke 04!

We’re delighted to welcome FC Schalke 04 to Soccer Stars! One of the Bundesliga’s most famous and successful clubs will be joining the game in the form of three brand-new, officially licensed team pieces. Who else would you like to see in our game?

New teams

As well as FC Schalke 04, we’ve also got a bunch of other new teams coming to the game, including our new favourite, the donut team. Here’s hoping the ball doesn’t get stuck in the hole, anyway.

We also like the look of the badger team, although the idea of playing actual football against a team of badgers is pretty terrifying. The new unicorn team would probably make for much friendlier opponents, albeit with the obvious problems of heading the ball. Game over…

These 10 new teams will all be available in the shop real soon, get ready to test them out!

Finally, for FC Barcelona fans, we’re pleased to say that we’re releasing 2 new special edition Barca teams for this season’s kit. If you were thinking of buying last season’s teams, hurry up! They’ll soon be removed from the shop to make way for the new kits. Note: if you already bought them, they will of course stay in your collection.

New teams

Send and receive gifts with your friends

Playing your friends is a big part of Soccer Stars… and now you can send coins to them as a gift, and receive gifts from them!

Gifting allows you to send a package of free coins to any of your Facebook friends, once per day. These aren’t coins taken from your own balance – they’re completely free for you and your friends. The amount you send is randomly generated, so some friends may get a little luckier than others. This also means you shouldn’t take it personally if one of your friends sends you slightly less than they did the day before đŸ˜€

Look out for the new Gifts button in the game. Bear in mind that you can only send and receive gifts if you use a Facebook-connected account. If you use a Miniclip login, you can connect it to your Facebook account by following these easy steps.

Gifting in Soccer Stars

Other stuff

We’ve also used this update to fix some minor bugs in the game, including a pesky one where the game would “forget” which team you were using when you next logged in.

This update will be out real soon on the App Store and Google Play. As always, follow the official Soccer Stars Facebook page for all the latest news about the game. See you on the pitch!