The new mobile update – what’s new? is one of the best new games of the year, and we at Miniclip are thrilled to bring you its official mobile version. Well, a huge update is about to hit mobile, bringing loads of awesome new features! So… what’s new?


If you’ve played any on PC, you already be familiar with the levelling system, and we are bringing an improved and expanded version to the mobile game. You will now have a player profile that tracks your stats and levels up as you play games and earn experience.

You’ll be able to log in with either a Facebook or Google account depending on what device you are using. You can also just play as a guest, but bear in mind this means your progress won’t be saved! Once you have an account, you can always check your stats to see loads of cool details on your play history.

Starting at level 1, you can eventually reach the heights of level 100, but this will take a long time! Each time you level up, you’ll be awarded 100 coins (more on those later)! Your starting mass will also increases slightly each level up to 30, giving you a small starting boost.

XP earned is based on both survival time and overall mass. Basically, the better you do in a game, the more XP you’ll earn once it’s all over! Start playing and level up!



As mentioned, your new profile will contain tons of stats tracked across all your games. You’ll be able to see:

  • Total games played
  • Total mass consumed
  • Average score
  • Highest score
  • Longest survival time
  • Most cells eaten


As previously mentioned, you’ll earn coins as you play and level up. These coins can be spent on two things: premium skins and temporary boosts!

Premium skins are exactly that, fancy new looks for your cell that you can’t get any other way. The great things about these skins is you can use them and still type in a different username, taking the look of your little blob to a new unique level.

There are going to be 80+ new premium skins to begin with, with more added over time. We’ll also continue adding new basic skins for everyone to use, such as the political pack we released recently. This lets you decorate your cell with the faces of Obama, Trump, Cameron and a bunch of other famous or infamous politicians!

You can also buy boosts for either your XP or your starting mass. These allow you to earn more XP or start with a larger cell for a specific amount of time and are perfect if you want to speed things up a bit!

Besides levelling up, you can also earn free coins every hour just for showing up, or watch a short video ad for more! Of course, you can always purchase some with real money too.


We are keen to make sure that none of the new features we are bringing to on mobile change the core gameplay that you already know and love. If you want, you can ignore the lot of them and keep playing like you always have. But if you want to make your experience more involving, rewarding and fun, we think you’ll have a great time with the new stuff we’ve got coming!


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  1. has become super laggy as their is more people on the servers and can you also add a size feature so that when you reach a certain size you won’t continue to get bigger. But most importantly please FIX THE LAG.

      • You should probably be a little kinder. “You suck for updating a game that you made.” yeah, huge logic fault there buddy. I’d like to see you create a successful app, but I doubt you ever will. So quit griping, you child.

  2. Hello, I love, and it’s a fun game to play when you need to kill some time

    I’m currently a high school student enrolled in a class to help me learn how to be a game developer, and we occasionally have a free day where we just relax and play games the entire length of the class period. One day, when I was new to the class (joined a little late) we all started to play Halo: CE, and I tried to come up with a name for my player. So I came up with the silliest thing I could:

    The Cone

    I proceeded to curb stomp everyone and shortly after, my nikename became Cone

    I would like to make one simple request:

    Add a cone skin the the mobile game so that I may further represent myself properly in your game.

    (I know this will probably never happen, I’m just bored with nothing to do :P)

  3. I was playing in category (Teams) and then, all my teams won it supposed to go to another server but these happened pls fix it…. 403 Forbidden

    nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu)

  4. It would be AWESOME if guys would add party, experemental, and teams on mobile! You can do it one by one though like add party first then next update experimental then teams and so on…Cuz its really hard to find your team on mobile..I know how to but it takes lots of time :\ hopefully you guys can read this..Btw it didnt give 100 coins each time we level up, it only gives 50 XD

  5. because they do not care where you go play well to everyone, removing ext do nothing because there is already a ext even having made his “upgrade” that is useless, is a very good game to throw away 🙁

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