Tips for playing Bowling King

We recently re-launched Bowling King with a huge new update, and as such a lot of you will be trying the game out for the first time. Not sure what to do, or how to rack up a perfect game? We’ve got some top tips for you…

Bowling King heading for a strike


Tilt your phone!

This is one of the first things you’re taught in the tutorial, but it’s so important we feel the need to reiterate. Once you’ve bowled, you can control the trajectory of your ball by tilting your phone or tablet left or right. Depending on what ball you are using you’ll have different levels of control (more on this later) but regardless, this extra nudge is extremely helpful for correcting your throw and aiming towards elusive pins.

Choose your balls wisely!

You can choose your bowling balls based solely on how they look, and that’s fine, but bear in mind that each ball has unique stats and properties that make it a bit different to every other. Feel free to ignore them if you desperately want that sparkly pink ball, but if you have a specific way of playing and particular strengths in your game, you might want to try picking a ball that accentuates them.

Pick up ? blocks for goodies!

Occasionally you might see a small block adorned with a question mark on the lane. Pick it up to win a piece of a new pin or lane! Get all the pieces and you’ll unlock that pin or lane to use whenever you like. If you ever see one of those blocks, don’t miss it!

Bowling King strike


Practice offline!

We’ve added a new offline practice mode which is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Don’t be afraid to get some solo frames in if you feel the need to sharpen up any element of your game!

Tackle challenge mode!

The other new single player mode is challenge mode. This is multiple stages of obstacle-course action, with all kinds of crazy tricks and traps spread over the lanes. It’s another good way of improving your skills, with some really tricky shots that require good planning and better bowling! Tackling a challenge mode stage requires using a heart. These recharge over time, but if you are lacking, you can ask for more from your friends! It pays to be social!

BK cropped 3

Send gifts to friends!

You can also send a receive coin gifts with your friends. Every day you can send a free amount of coins to everyone on your friends list – this isn’t taken from your own coin balance, it’s totally free for everyone. Make sure to get all your friends to send you gifts back! Make lots of friends and you can reap the rewards with a hefty bunch of coins every day.

Bowling King is out now! Get it here on iOS and Android! Follow Bowling King on Facebook!