Tips for playing Bowling King

We recently re-launched Bowling King with a huge new update, and as such a lot of you will be trying the game out for the first time. Not sure what to do, or how to rack up a perfect game? We’ve got some top tips for you…

Bowling King heading for a strike


Tilt your phone!

This is one of the first things you’re taught in the tutorial, but it’s so important we feel the need to reiterate. Once you’ve bowled, you can control the trajectory of your ball by tilting your phone or tablet left or right. Depending on what ball you are using you’ll have different levels of control (more on this later) but regardless, this extra nudge is extremely helpful for correcting your throw and aiming towards elusive pins.

Choose your balls wisely!

You can choose your bowling balls based solely on how they look, and that’s fine, but bear in mind that each ball has unique stats and properties that make it a bit different to every other. Feel free to ignore them if you desperately want that sparkly pink ball, but if you have a specific way of playing and particular strengths in your game, you might want to try picking a ball that accentuates them.

Pick up ? blocks for goodies!

Occasionally you might see a small block adorned with a question mark on the lane. Pick it up to win a piece of a new pin or lane! Get all the pieces and you’ll unlock that pin or lane to use whenever you like. If you ever see one of those blocks, don’t miss it!

Bowling King strike


Practice offline!

We’ve added a new offline practice mode which is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Don’t be afraid to get some solo frames in if you feel the need to sharpen up any element of your game!

Tackle challenge mode!

The other new single player mode is challenge mode. This is multiple stages of obstacle-course action, with all kinds of crazy tricks and traps spread over the lanes. It’s another good way of improving your skills, with some really tricky shots that require good planning and better bowling! Tackling a challenge mode stage requires using a heart. These recharge over time, but if you are lacking, you can ask for more from your friends! It pays to be social!

BK cropped 3

Send gifts to friends!

You can also send a receive coin gifts with your friends. Every day you can send a free amount of coins to everyone on your friends list – this isn’t taken from your own coin balance, it’s totally free for everyone. Make sure to get all your friends to send you gifts back! Make lots of friends and you can reap the rewards with a hefty bunch of coins every day.

Bowling King is out now! Get it here on iOS and Android! Follow Bowling King on Facebook!

61 replies

    • You wouldn’t by chance remember what you were supposed to receive for downloading bowling King? I mean can you remember what the reward was for downloading the bowling game?

      • I suppose it could be construed as a slap in the face but I mainly throw gutters so as not to run up the score once I’ve secured the win. What I don’t understand is when people opt for 1 pin on last throw when the game is far from secured. Maybe they don’t know how to calculate properly in the 10th frame?

        • In my experience, many bowlers don’t know how to score the last frame. Many have done the 1 pin shot- when they could have won the game if they only got 5 pins down! da

    • It won’t let me play the mini games. It always says you have full hearts. If it means challenge mode hearts then I’m empty and have no hearts. Is there anyway to fix this?

  1. I am playing the Challenge mode and when I see the rankings, I see that the first 3 players have completed 50 challenges in just 3 minutes time! How is that possible?

    Do they buy hearts? Or, they ask from friends? Or is their heart count more than 5?
    And, how can someone complete all the 50 challenges in only 3 minutes?

  2. I just one one of the special balls however since receiving it i cant bowl a strike is there a way in which you use it different to the low power balls.

    • You buy standard balls with chips, and you buy premium balls with cash (Bowling King cash). You buy pins and lanes with diamonds. You can win diamonds sometimes when you see in the upper right corner it will say some thing like ”bowl three strikes” or ”win by 15 points” and below that will be the prize, sometimes it will be a diamond. Otherwise, you can buy diamonds and cash from the shop (by paying with real cash). You can win Bowling King Cash by completing stages in the Challenge. You find new balls and pins by touching where it says ‘Equipment’

  3. Players can throw the ball straight down the lane everytime and get strike after strike. There’s virtually no way to beat them except to join them and do the same boring thing. Unfortunately, this is what the majority are doing for the whole game, or they resort to it when they’re losing. That should be fixed. In real bowling, throwing it straight repeatedly will not get you strike after strike after strike. It makes the game totally pointless to play. The “best players” are the ones who couldn’t make a spare to save their life and can’t bowl a strike any other way. It’s ruining the game.
    Besides that, friend ranking for challenge doesn’t work. The roulette game seems to never produce a special ball as a prize no matter how many times I spin it. Why? And ticking the box to not have to authorize sending requests anymore doesn’t work, so it takes forever to send and receive hearts and chips.

    • I agree on the straight ball just seems boring and unreal but ive learned to throw a mean hook . It took me a little while to perfect ,but I beat the lame players , I use the yellow mustard or dark cloud the special balls are hard to control. Go down to the cheap games and practice untill you get it. it is alot more fun but no one will rematch you once they see your hook good luck

      • Hi thanks for the advice. I haven’t yet been able to beat the lame players unless I play just like them. I can’t do that because I can’t play if it’s so boring. I’ve been working on my strike with high power balls to be able to compete, but it’s really inconsistent when I use anything other than what I mentioned before. Even the ones who don’t start out straight shooting, always (and I mean ALWAYS) resort to it when they’re losing and that makes me really annoyed. I can strike too of course, but won’t resort to it just because I’m losing. That would make me feel like a loser regardless of if I win or not lol..
        About the special balls being hard to control, I’ll offer my advice as well. I use True Golden Orb. It’s the only one I have. So it’s the only one I have experience with, but I’m assuming it would be similar for all very high power balls. I’ve found the lane I use can make a big difference. For example, when using True Golden Orb, if I use the Palm Tree Lane (from Hawaii), I have a lot less control than if I use Blue Lane No. 1 (from Caribbean). But I can even it out depending on how hard I throw it too. Like if I throw it hard on the Blue Lane No. 1, I can get it to hook more if I need it to, and less hook if I throw it gently on Palm Tree lane – so I adjust how fast I throw it depending on what lane I’m using and how much it affects the hook of that ball. That has helped a lot in being able to control it. Another tip, if you’re using a special ball, don’t throw it hard when you need to hit just a couple of pins to make a spare or else it will go straight through the pins for some crazy reason. throw it gently and just let it glide lol Look me up if you wanna play, I’m player 018464526

    • Who cares whether it’s a straight strike or one with a curve? I play to win and most of the time I throw a straight ball for a strike. Boring? Sounds more like sour grapes to me

    • Somebody, you may be right in the majority of cases, but you are absolutely wrong in my case – I bowl straight with a right sided bow, and it is not easy to just hurl them down the lane and get a Perfect Game. I am having occasional spares, usually the 7 or the 6 pin left standing and that’s it. People throwing straight down the pipe will find they take out the 1, 5, 8 and 9 and don’t even touch the other pins. One has to hit the sweet spot on the 1 and 2 or the 1 and 3 in order to bring a strike. I have seen some really deep curved throws that take all the pins down and some of those are just as ludicrous as what you are concerned about.

    • Your dollars only go away if you spin the bonus game trying to win a flashy ball. I waited until my cash built up and then did it and still I never win a flashy ball. Rip off!! I don’t even know how people get these decorative pins, like the Santa one’s. It says you must unlock but how? I have over a billion coins and it’s useless. Do you have to lose to unlock these pins?

  4. I accidently tapped Seoul for $2,500,000 while trying to get to Los Angeles and didn’t know how to get out of playing the game (which I then lost).. Is there any way to avoid this in the future? Is there any chance I can get some of the coins back? Thanks for your help.

    • Yes there is a way. If you accidentally tap a location that you didn’t mean to then you can back out using your back button. As long as you do it before they pull up player. Do it while its searching for players but before they find one

  5. I am not receiving my daily rewards. I received the first four days. I didnt the 50 diamonds or my 8 tickets!!! Please help!!! I feel jipped!!!

  6. Has anyone noticed that the scoring is incorrect? If you bowl two strikes in the first two frames it gives you a score of 30. In real bowling its 10 plus the next two balls. It’s not an automatic 30 in the second frame if you bowl two strikes it’s 10 plus your next two balls.

    • 30 is the amount you would have if you didn’t score on any of your subsequent turns (20 in the first frame and 10 in the second frame).

  7. Im not sure how they do it but miniclip bowling is a joke i can predict how a game is going to go becsuse its so obious.all of a sudden when im winning the game my bowling ball wont move sit shakes and i cannot control it.this has happend meny times when im winning a game.they must be catering to people who pay for points.i wont do that.shame on them

  8. How can I unfriend someone, so they stop showing up in my challenges? This guy is quite annoying, he taunts with messages when he’s winning

    • I agree with you about rude people taunting and also using the chat texts to try and distract you at crucial moments by spamming you with them. I feel like it’s cheating and they aren’t relying on their skills to win.
      I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring spammers but it’s really annoying and rude. I wish that I could turn off chat during a game or block them from popping up while in the middle of my turn. Why can’t they time these in between throws?

  9. I hit 1B last week in my league and was in 2nd place but none of my winnings after hitting 1B was shown…it just read 1B no matter how much I bowled after that. I also couldn’t tell if I was close to taking over 1st because his said 1B also. Why wouldn’t it show our actual winnings at hitting 1B? Also could I have taken 1st if I bowled 2B? How does the scoring work?

    • I answered my own question in part by bowling 2B, but it seems silly that our scores only reflect in billions…it would be really good to know where you stand in ranks between 1B, 2B etc.

  10. can anyone help please when i win the game a circle shows up by the opponates pic saying “pin effect “with a sum of money can anybody tell me what this is please, thanks

    • Not sure if it’s “pin effect” or “lane effect” but after you win a game & one of those show up for your opponent whatever the amount is will come out of your coins. Win or lose. Why or how is this possible? How to prevent this from happening?

  11. What has been changed on the bowling king game? Yesterday I could get a strike when I threw my strike ball. Today, I only get 8 or 9 pins down when I throw my strike ball. I have thrown over 20,000 strike balls but you have changed my bowling ability today. I have worked hard and spent money to get to my current level and chip amount. You think it is ok to change my abilities to bowl with the skills I have developed? Other higher ranking bowlers on a similar level are forced to bowl more spares also. I have uninstalled my app. as you don’t seem to give a crap how much energy or money we have expended to maintain our skill levels.

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