Bowling King update

We’ve been blown away by how many of you are playing and loving Bowling King, and can now announce that we’re about to roll out another update to the game. We’ve listened to the feedback from players and are addressing a couple of things that have been raised a lot on the Bowling King Facebook page. This update will require some server maintenance, so the game will be temporarily unavailable on Thursday 15 October at 06:00 UTC / 02:00 EST while these changes go out.

Here’s the main things we’re changing:

Challenge Mode tweaks

Challenge Mode is one of the new game modes we introduced with our last release, where you complete stages filled with obstacles to win prizes. We’ve had a lot of feedback that the target score for some of these stages is too high, so we’re making a tweak to make them slightly easier. The new target scores will be:

  • Stage 1-5: 30
  • Stage 6-10: 35
  • Stage 11-20: 40
  • Stage 21-30: 45
  • Stage 31-40: 50

Good luck on your route to the end of each week’s set of challenges!

New Halloween items

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, we’re adding a couple of spooky items into the game to help you get into the spirit. We’ve got two new bowling balls, the Graceful Ghost and my personal favourite, the Moonlight Witch, both coming to the game.

spooky new balls

Pick up these spooky new balls in the game soon – they both have some cool visual effects when you bowl them.

Other stuff

We’re also fixing a couple of minor things, and bringing further optimization to the game server, all of which should make your Bowling King experience that little bit smoother.

Look out for these changes coming very soon, and a reminder that the game will be down for maintenance on Thursday morning. If you’ve not played Bowling King yet, download it for free now from the App Store or Google Play, or you can play it in your browser on Facebook.

See you on the lanes!