The 8 Ball Pool Forum Cup

We recently wrapped up one of the most elaborate, intense events in the history of 8 Ball Pool – The Official 8 Ball Pool Forum Cup. This event pitted over 100 of our awesome forum users against each other in two tournaments – one for PC players, another for those on mobile and tablet.

Sure, there are tournaments on 8 Ball Pool all the time, but this one is the most prestigious we’ve ever done. The winner obviously got a ton of in-game coins and cash, and a sweet 8 Ball Pool t-shirt, but the best prize of all was this:


That’s right, the only way to get this achievement is to win the forum cup. Only two people in the world have it right now! Talk about exclusive!

Over six weeks, 64 PC players and 32 mobile players battled it out in two huge single-elimination brackets to eventually crown two winners – first, on PC, congratulations to ATrossityP3!



ATrossityP3 won a hard-fought final victory over the equally awesome L A Z E R (also known as Enoch), eventually eking out a 9-6 win in a first to 9, win by 2 set. Congratulations!

Next, on mobile, our winner was Palak Chaudary.


Palak beat out forum moderator Michael Huang in another very close game, scoring a 9-7 victory in a tense set of games.

Huge congratulations go to both our winners, as well as our second-place contestants and everyone else who took part! The event was a huge success, and we’ve had plenty of interest from people who want to enter the next one. So, how do you do so?

THE NEXT FORUM CUP WILL TAKE PLACE EARLY NEXT YEAR. If you want to enter, follow these steps:

  1. Click here and go join our forum!
  2. Become a member of the community! Start posting, get to know people and be friendly! One of the big bits of feedback we had from the first cup was a few players had stopped by to the forum, signed up, and then never surfaced again. To avoid that happening next time, we’ll only be accepting entries from active forum members.
  3. Early next year, we’ll make a thread where you can sign up for the cup. Leave the information we ask for there, and then hope you get lucky. Remember – the more well known and respected you are on the forum, the better chance you have of getting in!

For now, congratulations again to our two winners, and we hope you all enjoyed the first ever 8 Ball Pool Forum Cup. Not long til the next one!

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  1. Hi I would like someone to check my account as fed up starting a game with over £250,00 and after a £30k tournament I get ripped of for about 50k not happy with this !!!!!

    • It is now the early 2016 and i simply can’t wait for the forum cup..
      But i just wanted to tell here that exams are just around the corner for many players.. And summer vacations will start for everyone in June.. So i was wondering if it could be hosted then. 🙂

  2. In the 8 Ball Pool game which I enjoy very much, you get so disappointed sometimes when certain things happen suddenly and you have no recourse anywhere. How can I break potting a ball or two and while I wait to play, the balls rearrange and my opponent is playing?. This also happens during the game and your potted ball returns and your opponent takes over, it could happen at a critical moment when all or most of your coins are at stake. This appears unfair and miniclip must do something about it.

  3. Me gusta el juego 8 pool por la excelente competencia que se puede tener con otros jugadores en línea pero me molesta mucho los problemas del juego donde en ocaciones realizó la jugada ganando el partido y luego sale que he perdido el tiempo cuando no es así si no los corrigen pronto tendrán un jugador menos por que no se preocupan por corregirlos

  4. here in the last three to for weeks I’ve been playing one time went clear through the game made the eight ball then the other guy gets the win and the coins, and several times here lately as in 4 or 5 I’ve been shooting made a certain ball and the screen says waiting for opponent response the sounds made for the next opponent play and the ball I had just made is back on the table and he or she is shooting, not a big deal but have lost several games and about 500,000 coins is there anything you can do all situation have been different haven’t noticed a common yet.

  5. What happened to all my stars and my money and the games I won I’ve lost it all and I’ve had to start over and that’s not right!!

    • This happened to me a month ago. I was playing the game as a guest account and doing fairly well as a new player. Emerald League #67 Master; coin balance of 11,600,00. When I tried to apply a name and Avatar character picture to my account all my credentials were gone. I was devastated. Had to restart at square one. Took a while (and lots of money), but now I’m back to Emerald League and #74 master.

  6. Hhi, lately I have a lot of problems with lagging in game and in recent games i lost a lot of coins because i couldnt move my cue,it was stuck. Please do something because I donate real money to this game and it’s makeing me real mad!!!!!!!

    • The game is AWESOME, but whenever I play a tournament match, I get MAJOR LAG to the poin that the clock is still ticking while my pool stick wont move! Ive noticed the lag started within a week, and it makes playing tournaments IMPOSSIBLE. Next thing I know, Im out of time and the other player wins. This is not fair. And I have high speed internet, and Ive tried it on different mobile phones and tablets on different WiFi networks. The problem is 8 Ball Pool, NOT ME. If it doesnt stop soon, my public comment in the PlayStore wont be very nice at all.

  7. What is wrong with free spin? Many times I am told that something happened and always get stuck with the lowly 50 coins. Don’t ask me to contact zen desk. I already have requests that are over a month old and no response. With all the bucks rolling your way, you could solve some of our problems. At least acknowledge our comments and let us know you are working on them.

  8. So many people see how 8ball is the best there is by a long shot. Pun intended. While also seeing how it so blatantly cheats your shots. I am very good at this game. I am also an avid real life league player. But come on, really? Read the comments in the apple App Store. Every negative rate says exactly the same thing. Exactly!!! This can point to nothing less than fact. Period. I am a very solid 60% win rate. It’s a great great great game and I am serious in every game I play on it. I am just so damn perplexed that this tactic is even legal let alone not monitored and addressed by Apple. Apple is better than this. It’s in their store they are responsible and obligated to some extent to stop it. Thank god I’m excellent at it and have never lost a dime. My rank and funds are all from free HONEST play. Miniclip, wake up. God is watching.

  9. In earn pool coins its cheating, im not getting coins after survey as well.
    offers are false and misleading with people. i tried many times but im not getting coins

    • does any else know y it band me and if so plzz tell me i had to log in to my gmail and start over i was logged in on facebook i try the hack would that happen to be what happen and it kept going to different survey will the ppl who make the game plzz contact me at I love the game until it made me start over i was on level 14 when i was logged in on facebook if you can fix it i would love it i never do what ever it was again. i am only 14 years old and i was really disappointed when i discovered i was band.

      sincerly your friend Logan West

  10. How is it possible to have already earned 2M coins over just 500 games with absolutely no tourney’s played and has only 3 rings (2) from Sydney and (1) from Moscow? I’m sorry but something is extremely fishy on this!!!!

  11. Is there absolutely anything that can be done with cheating players who refuse to take their turns and break up a few balls of both of ours , when they know when they do break them up they KNOW their going to lose? I played a Loser who refused for 30mins to break up a few balls that he knew when he did he was going to Lose….sorry but these few people literally ruin the Fun of the game. SAD….if they don’t take their PROPER turn they should be automatically forfeited and Lose.

    • You gotta break up the balls if you don’t feel like waiting. It’s not cheating. It’s strategy. It’s like a chess match

  12. what can be done with one of your pathetic foreign players who refuse to take their turn knowing all too well that when he breaks up his ball planted right next to the 8 ball…he’ll lose the game. Yes I indeed did stooped to his juvinile level. He’s not even hit the que ball for over an hour now. IBRAHIM 153-797-014-8 is a Loser

  13. In my game or in my account of miniclip my winning’s are not counting when i made my id it was counted and it was about 391k nd afterward’s it suddenly came to 1 lkh so plz help me i am getting this problem

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