Introducing Zoo Pop!

If you love cute animals and addictive puzzle games, Miniclip has got a treat for you. This is Zoo Pop, our newest game, coming to iOS very soon!


Zoo Pop is easy to pick up, making it perfect for mobile gamers of all ages and backgrounds. All you need to do is tap on groups of at least 2 of the same animal to make them disappear, and others will fall down to take their place. Mixed in with the animals are a few tickets. Make these reach the bottom of the stage and you win. Simple, right?

Things do get a bit more complicated with the addition of power-ups. You’ll get different power-ups depending on the stage, and they are unlocked by clearing a certain amount of animals. The pinwheel, for example, removes all animals in a straight line on all sides, while the rocket removes all animals of any single colour. Using power-ups well can get you great scores, but on many stages they are also necessary to simply clear the┬álevel!

Zoo Pop is coming VERY SOON to iOS devices, so keep an eye on the Miniclip blog as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for more!