Black Friday and more in new Bowling King update!

Hot off the heels of the last update, we’ve got another batch of new stuff that’s just come to Bowling King!

Black Friday deals!

Firstly, we’ve got two amazing Black Friday packs on the store that offer incredible value. The amount of chips and cash given in these are packs are FOUR TIMES what you would normally get. Take a look!



Challenge Mode improvements!

We’ve also made some tweaks to Challenge Mode to make it more enjoyable.

  • The time it takes for a heart to recharge has been reduced from 4 hours to 3. Now you can get back into the game quicker!
  • The daily limit for heart and gift requests has been increased from 10 to 20. More free stuff!
  • Finally, the rewards for clearing challenge stages have been increased. After all, you’ve earned it!

All this new stuff is now available in Bowling King on iOS and Android. If you’ve not played Bowling King yet, download it for free now from the App Store or Google Play, or you can play it in your browser on Facebook. Enjoy!

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  1. it is amazing how all the sudden a person goes from barely get’n the ball down the lane to World Class Bowler picking up 3 or four strikes in a row, Thank Goodness mt life isn’t at the point where I am putting free money above my integrity

  2. we are all getting tired of the “with friends” option not working like we would expect. we click and click on ACCEPT and nothing happens so we have to refresh and try again and then again, and again, and again, and again……..on and on and on. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. love the game though.

  3. First I hate that you lose lives in the challenge even when you don’t lose. Second, got to level 48 and had just purchased 30 hearts when I kept getting glitches. I downloaded the update available. When I went back in, I was back at level 1 and had lost the 30 lives I had just purchased. Pissed. Of course there is no way to contact the company for a reimbursement. Contacting Apple to complain.

  4. Y is it that my sister has the new 100pin mini game but none of the other 5ppl that play it in my household has it…n sum ppl even have the same kind of devices n sum have different kinds so idk how or why only she has it.n theres no new updates or nuttn…so please reply or answer me

  5. My wife and I was playing Bowling King every day for months. We both spent money on the game, and both became very successful. Recently something changed in the game, and now its extremely difficult to be successful in comparison. What Gives? Ready to quit the game altogether!

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