Real Madrid coming to Soccer Stars!

We just released a huge new update to Soccer Stars – and now we have some more big news for you. Real Madrid are joining the game!

These official Real Madrid teams will soon be available to use in Soccer Stars. Pick your favourite and then get on the pitch and take on the world!

Real Madrid are one of the most successful clubs in world football, and recently completed la Décima of 10 European Cup trophies with victory in 2014. Some of the greatest players in history have pulled on the famous white shirt down the years, including Alfredo Di Stéfano, Ferenc Puskás, Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo.

We’re delighted to welcome them to Soccer Stars, especially after so many of our players on our Facebook page requested that they be available to play as. Look out for these official Real Madrid teams appearing in the game very soon!

Real Madrid

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  1. After which added new teams ??? It is better to begin to change their specialists who created this game !!!!!! I am writing to you once again do something with this error in the game, which included a moment captured by me or opposing goal with a draw 1: 1 opponent wins !!!!!!!!! wonder who will ask me those unjustly lost points ???? ???????????

  2. I get my money built up then play a high stakes game then it kicks me off and takes my coins I’ve deleted this game is junk if I put money on this sorry game would be real mad I’m glad it done this before I spent my money

    1-Playing tournament waiting for opponent and the game freezes! (gold lost)
    2-While having scored 3 goals the loser is named winner. (gold lost)
    3- Opponent start kickoff with foul and still get 1 point as normal score!
    4-Ball remains stuck on the sidelines,etc,etc,etc,etc.
    Agree with Bogan:
    It’s better to begin to change the specialists who created this game

  4. soccerstar-totally agree,have had many games and goals awarded to my opponent which i have won.But its never happened in reverse.Spoils the game and puts you off wanting to play.

  5. Every time I try to play an all in game or a high stakes game I get paired with a much higher level opponent. I try my best but have no chance. I’ve lost an awful lot of coins with these matches and theirs no way of getting them back. Really enjoy the game but seriously considering deleting.

    • Yes,good game but pairing is crap. Level 12 then play for higher stake – BOOM play against level 89.WTF. Some players bore you into submission 🙁

  6. This game is turning into a joke. There’s too many trolls and cheaters who refuse to hit the ball, they instead choose to tap it ever so gently so it’s up to you to kick it out into the open, leaving it open for them to score. It’s like playing chess against someone who refuses to take their go until you move yourself into a checkmate position. I’m sick of losing games to players who tap the ball into a corner or wait out their turn because they’re scared they’ll give you a shot at a goal. I’m not spending another penny on this crap until the devs fix it. At least with other games like 8ball pool, the player must hit the cushion with a ball or it’s a foul shot. This game seems to be built for trolls!

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