Surprise Boxes in 8 Ball Pool

We just launched a new feature in 8 Ball Pool on mobile – Surprise Boxes! Open one up and you’ll find some awesome prizes – coins, spins, and collectible cues that you can’t get anywhere else.

Important note: Surprise Boxes are only on 8 Ball Pool mobile for now, but they’ll be coming to web soon! This means that any cues you collect on mobile will only be playable on mobile for the time being. When Surprise Boxes are released on web, you will be able to access these cues on both web and mobile.

How to get a Surprise Box

You can find Surprise Boxes in the mini-games section of 8 Ball Pool. You can win them as a prize in Spin & Win, or you can buy them for Pool Cash. Surprise Boxes come in three flavours: silver, gold and diamond, with bigger prizes the higher up you go. For example, a Silver box will contain a piece of a Rare cue, and up to 20,000 coins, but a Diamond one gives you a piece of a Legendary cue, up to 200,000 coins, and more!

Surprise Box 2

Rare, Epic and Legendary Cues

Each Surprise Box you open will contain a piece of an exclusive, collectible cue. These are some of the best and most powerful cues in the game – as well as having great stats, they also contain special powers that the cues you’re used to don’t have. Some of them will give you extra XP when you play, helping you level up faster. Some have no recharge cost, so always stay powered up! Others will even give you some coins back if you lose your game.

Plus, they look sweet.

The stronger the cue, the more powers it will have: so a Legendary Cue will have more than a Rare one. You need to collect all 4 pieces of the cue in order to unlock it.

surprise box 5


Good Luck!

Surprise Boxes are in the game right now, and you never know what you might find in your next one. Good luck and enjoy the new cues!

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  1. This would b really cool, if only u guys would FIX MY GAME!!!! I have been waiting since Dec.11 upgrade. If I tap on ANYTHING it goes back to homepage. Its been over the 48 hrs. Mess. Said to give u. I’ve spent a lot of Real Money only not to b able to play. Would u Please fix this??????? TY

    • hey! okay so I was playing a game with somebody, and the game glitched and it stole all of my money! and gave it to the other person! so I have absolutely no idea!

  2. This update is awesome! This will give you opportunity to have a very good cue even when you’re in low level! They did this on Soccer Stars too!

  3. Where are the boxes ? i can not find any box… in the mini-games section there is nothing there.
    I do not understand.
    Please explain me where are them…

  4. HELP. In my daily spin & win i got a surprise box, which contained a cue and some coins.

    But I checked and there were no cues in my owned section. Is this an error?

    The next thing, I get another spin & win. ughs.

  5. The only thing that sucks and they NEED to fix is that when you win or PURCHASE (like I did) a legendary box they give you the same piece of legendary cue that you’ve ALREADY won and say” BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME” here’s 2000 coins. RIP OFF!! I EXPECT A NEW PIECE EVERY TIME I OPEN A LEGENDARY BOX. . ESPECIALLY IF IM PURCHASING THE EXPENSIVE BOXES.

    • Oh yea i also forgot to mention that on one of my legendary boxes i opened never gave me my “garunteed” mini game. Smh… please fix this.

    • Same thing here. Spin & win should be on every legendary box but i get nothing. And also as You said, getting same pieces of cues that i’ve already got -.-‘

    • I spent real money for surprise boxes and have gotten pieces of cues I already own at least a dozen times and have even got the same pieces in all three boxes in a single purchase I love this game but as far ad I am concerned u guys are thieves I expect my money’s worth if you can’t get new pieces in every box then give cash back not coins. very disappointed in this feature.

  6. It’s funny how the first week after introducing Surprise Boxes I won four or five of them in my free daily spins. I haven’t won one since! In fact, since then all I win are the smallest prizes and I mean smallest prizes!

    • Same here it’s pissing me off, I won a bunch of pieces from the surprise box but not enough to unlock even 1 of them I was so close to unlocking a rare but it never gives me surprise boxes anymore, all I want is to unlock atleast 1 of them that never has to be recharged

  7. As a person that has played numerous games and has been away for a while thank you for the Corrines that didn’t last and also helping me make a decision whether to stay on or not but this is for everybody else out there to let them know how much you deviate your Games and earnings and how can a person that’s only played 400 games and win 225 have a higher rating than me and on top of that have better cues and of all things The aiming line shot when you purchase a pool cue that has that attribute it should be a parent that it’s there you need to fix your programs or get the cheaters out I’ve lost over 10,000 points and have not won more than five matches in aweek

  8. I spent a lot of money to get all the legendary cues but still needed the Atlantis and Archangel cue. For this I purchased 3000 cash and after using nearly 1800 cash I only got one piece of Atlantis cue. Why is it rigid to open all other cues except the cue that are tried for. This is cheating gamers. Also the spin and win never lands on the lucky 8 ball cue and somehow manages to land before or after the cue.

  9. I lined up the 8 ball in Moscow room and got it in, perfect shot and win! My phone rings, I decline the call, and the table reverts to before my shot and IMMEDIATELY tells me I ran out of time and then my opponent runs the table on me! The last two days the games are acting crazy. I miss playing because there is no skill now, its more like a coin toss! Lost 500K once again bc I tried to play Moscow a few times and of course I relaxed a little, and it randomly pulled up Dubai. I wouldnt mind so much but I DONT like Playing Dubai and it’s expensive and with so many complaints about this already online , it is obvious that it is done as a scam and getting ripped off never feels good. Change the dang color of the blue rooms if you really don’t intend to trick people and if you seriously can’t correct the glitch. Also lost a Spin n Win spin AGAIN didnt pay out….and its not a free spin whhen u have to pull two times for one prize of coins, it is just a waste of my bandwidth to spin twice…a free spin would mean i get the first spin PLUS another spin.

    • Oh yes…AND I cant play surprise boxes anymore bc I keep winning pieces I already iwn. This is totally ridiculous to pay out money and consistantly get nothing. Whats up sigh sll this????

      • I agree. Been trying to get more legendary cues but i keeo getting pieces i already own. I’m done spending money on your stupid game.

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