New Levels in 8 Ball Pool

The race to show who’s the top 8 Ball Pool player is about to get underway once more! For the first time in a long time, we are raising the level cap in 8 Ball Pool. Yes, you will now be able to go beyond level 150… way beyond.

What this also means is that level-up rewards will no longer be capped at 150: players who have hit this level will now be able to progress to level 151 and beyond and continue earning free Pool Cash every time you level up, as well as earning more VIP points! We’re already looking forward to seeing who’ll be the first to hit level 200…

Remember that you earn XP  simply by playing games of 8 Ball Pool – although you earn more XP for winning than losing, of course. Higher tiers also give out the highest XP rewards.

We’ll be making the change real soon on both web and mobile – so if you’re already at level 150 then look for your XP bar to start filling up once again!

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  1. I have noticed that the daily spins have gotten really pathetic. Nobody wants to spin and get 82 coins or 110. Ridiculous how you have to hope for anything big to come up. All these clowns who are grand masters and restart the game and are at 8 million coins at level 15 is bullcrap too. Whatever just my 2 cents

    • I like the game except it really makes me mad when I’m in a game and all the sudden I don’t have a cue come up causing me to loose but today topped all I hit in three balls in one shot and the other guy got the credit and miraculously wins the game after only four ball were knocked in one of his and three of mine and the 8 ball was still on table. I had everything bet and now the game screws me once again. Aaaaahhhhgggg namit

    • I have been playing a few weeks and it’s been addicting, but what it bothers no customer service answer one big issue I have been experiencing Is when there is no connection it says to wait and the time it’s not running in made a shot and about to win when the connection comes back and it says I have time out even though my signal is good. I have lot several game and coins like this it’s real frustrating and I don’t get this resolved it happens more often..should I just quick playing and recommending this game..

      • I used to love the 8 ball game but I’m starting to get really upset by the way I can’t compete in a tournament because I don’t have a chNce to aim and shoot in every turn the pause during the running Tim takes almost every second of ay that I should have . And lately the connection times out when I have excellent signal and since its a network connection and not under my control or any other players it is disappointing that the developers aren’t more concerned about customer satisfaction because I actually pay for my coins when I need them it is bad business for the developers to not consider how many peoe are being cheated of their coins whether they are earned it bought with real cash it’s disappointing to have to give up such a Harley game which is what I am going to do . My husband already has along with several other people I know of who have had negative experiences and loss due to so many different and more frequently occurring the technical issues these are almost as bad as the problem of players cheating. Actually it’s worse because these are problems that the developers should be fixing. Or at least reimbursing the players for loss due to technicalities not user error

    • Have had many issues with this app suddenly!!
      Used to work great,but since my last update its been robbing me of my free spin coins( 111,100 to be exact) and now it won’t let me sign in with any of three accounts I have associated with this app,I am uninstalling it!!!!

  2. Ohhh, Great idea to activate many player’s closed Level 150 before 1 Year,

    Miniclip ⌒.⌒

    But there is player’s closed Level +200 ~300
    You need to back every one on Level 150 now I think…. To know who is first one close Level 200…300…400… !

  3. such a great work buddies, now it is going to be more tough and intersting… will you also make extensions in league because there is no league without diamond after reaching at 100 level so there should be also some new leagues with different rewards to play till 999 level and also some new boards of 50million or to earn more XP for reaching at 999 level that will be more interesting guys keep it up… a very best game to play really enjoying alot

  4. I think y’all need to look at the rules for pool again when you are in the eight ball and you scratch it is a loss and you need to do something about the time I have played a a few game were my opponet runs out if time is still shoots but when I run out of time I lose my shot so get these things fixed!!!!!!

  5. I will agree with most everyone here,it’s alot of fun playing,but there are flaws in the slaw,in which desperately needing fixed..

  6. I had 130,000 coins on 8 ball pool and 95,000 of them just dissapeared, reading the comments of other players this seems to be happening on a regular basis can you please explain this also my cue needs recharging at a cost of75,000 coins when the averadge daily spin win is about 200 coins i will wait for your reply then post it on facebook thank you

  7. There are flaws in 8 ball pool with a bunch of cheaters when playing for the 60k pot. They tap the ball until the clock run out and you loose the game. When playing for a smaller pot and your opponent or you tap the cue ball you are able to move the cue around and place the ball where you like but cant do this in the big pot.

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