New Levels in 8 Ball Pool

The race to show who’s the top 8 Ball Pool player is about to get underway once more! For the first time in a long time, we are raising the level cap in 8 Ball Pool. Yes, you will now be able to go beyond level 150… way beyond.

What this also means is that level-up rewards will no longer be capped at 150: players who have hit this level will now be able to progress to level 151 and beyond and continue earning free Pool Cash every time you¬†level up, as well as earning more VIP points! We’re already looking forward to seeing who’ll be the first to hit level 200…

Remember that you earn XP  simply by playing games of 8 Ball Pool Рalthough you earn more XP for winning than losing, of course. Higher tiers also give out the highest XP rewards.

We’ll be making the change real soon on both web and mobile – so if you’re already at level 150 then look for your XP bar to start filling up once again!

lvl cap 1