New to 8 Ball Pool – Tier Rings!

Tier rings

Time for 8 Ball Pool’s newest feature – Rings! These new prizes are a great way of showing off your abilities and accomplishments, for players of all levels and skill!

What are Rings?

RingsĀ give players a way to show off the amount of wins they’ve amassed in each individual tier and tournament on 8 Ball Pool. Every tier has its own Ring for you to win – all you need to do is win a certain amount of games in that tier to earn the Ring.

The Ring will then be displayed in your profile page for all to see. Your best Ring (the highest-value one) will be shown next to your player name during a match!

You can earn each ring multiple times, with the number also shown on your profile. This is a great way to show how many times you’ve been successful in a certain 1v1 tier or tournament.

Earn more VIP points

That’s not all! The first time you earn a ring for each tier or tournament, you’ll get a nice little bonus: some VIP points! Now by earning rings, we’ve added another way to increase your VIP rank and reap those tasty rewards.

Rings are coming to 8 Ball Pool on mobile very soon! If you don’t already have 8 Ball Pool, get it free now from the App Store or Google Play. Leave us a comment below or head over to the official forum to chat about this new feature and more!