New to 8 Ball Pool – Tier Rings!

Tier rings

Time for 8 Ball Pool’s newest feature – Rings! These new prizes are a great way of showing off your abilities and accomplishments, for players of all levels and skill!

What are Rings?

Rings give players a way to show off the amount of wins they’ve amassed in each individual tier and tournament on 8 Ball Pool. Every tier has its own Ring for you to win – all you need to do is win a certain amount of games in that tier to earn the Ring.

The Ring will then be displayed in your profile page for all to see. Your best Ring (the highest-value one) will be shown next to your player name during a match!

You can earn each ring multiple times, with the number also shown on your profile. This is a great way to show how many times you’ve been successful in a certain 1v1 tier or tournament.

Earn more VIP points

That’s not all! The first time you earn a ring for each tier or tournament, you’ll get a nice little bonus: some VIP points! Now by earning rings, we’ve added another way to increase your VIP rank and reap those tasty rewards.

Rings are coming to 8 Ball Pool on mobile very soon! If you don’t already have 8 Ball Pool, get it free now from the App Store or Google Play. Leave us a comment below or head over to the official forum to chat about this new feature and more!

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  1. I am tired of getting cheated out of my coins whenever I get ready to hit the 8 ball in it switches over to my competitor what is going on with that I like the game but I don’t like the cheating What can I do about that

  2. Why have you removed the no guidelines from the tournament play, very disappointing. Please offer a no guideline game at a lower coin entry level.

  3. The ads that have been popping up over the last 24 hours are very disruptive to the game. It also uses up your time to take a shot which often means you run out of time. Very disappointing. Please fix. I don’t mind ads before and after a match.

  4. Nice try to get people play higher levels to earn new rings! This way they can loose more coins and buy more coins! The person behind this idea should get the most valuable employee of the year award !

    • no not really, you just play for the higher rings when you get that many coins… if youre not that good, then you dont do it… simple as that!

  5. why in the world would miniclip put neon around the cushions in tournaments, is is way too distracting, unlike pool, where you see sharp edges, which is very important on har dpower shots, please take it away, now…thanks

  6. I just played a game of 8 ball pool. Angelito sank the 8 ball, and the cue ball on the break, why didn’t he lose? Your rules state if the 8 and the cue ball are sank together, it’s a loss.

    • Actualy on break it is allowed to pot the black ball ,u don’t hav to bear foul instead u wil get an achievement completed by potting the black ball
      on break

  7. there is something wrong when miniclips sells us pool cues for years then starts making us pay to recharge them to use. this is so not right. We paid a lot of coins for these cues this is not right at all, when we bought them they were no stipulation saying someday we would have to pay a price to charge them up or they don’t work as well .This is just another way to take money from their pool friendsAnd this is so wrong we have paid a whole lot of money and if this is the way you are gonna do business then you should buy all of the cues that everyone purchased back from them. that’s only lthe right thing to do those cues cost a small fortune any how, took a while to be able to afford them now you are making us pay to use them. . that’s like buying a new car with cash then one day out of the blue the car dealer shows up and tells you you are going to have to strart paying a fee just to get in it everyday……….. think about it. THIS IS SO WRONG……..

  8. Keep loosing 500 points from twice to 3 times a day. What’s going on. I try to beat as many players as possible only to keep loosing all these points on a daily basis. What’s going on? Please send me an explanation. Thank you

  9. Me gusta mucho pool 8 sólo me indigna q en los. Tacos de país no hayga el taco de bolivia por favor me avisa cuando ya este disponible porfa

  10. I have just seen my winnings go from £1.9m to £1.3m but strangely my number of games played had doubled. This is the second cheat I have reported, the first one about 6 months ago and I am still waiting on a reply. That cheat was cutting your time funningly enough on the black and funningly enough playing for big money. Any chance of a response this time otherwise I’m off to find a better more honest game to play.

  11. I need help the acc im on someone has changed password but i can still log in by facebook how do i reset password when the email of the 8 ball pool acc isnt facebook email or real email but its just connected to facebook

  12. I got robbed by the game because it said hit the 8 ball in one of the holes and i did then it said that the other player won even though i hit the 8 ball in the hole when i had no more balls

    • How do u get the Monaco game? I saw it once when it appeared like an ad, click something else and it went away. How do I get it back?

  13. I don’t understand how so many people I play have millions or billions of coins in winning yet they have no rings, how is this possible?

    Coins coming from winning games
    Rings come from winning lots of games

    How can you have a huge winning balance and no rings?

    • I’m with you…I’ve wondered the same thing. I played 1 person who had 14 billion coin…and maybe 2 rings…W.T.H?

  14. Rings are just another way Miniclip can weight the game in their favor. It’s away for them to keep track of you, another statistic so they can make more money. I also calculated that since rings where introduced and your playing fairly even they now play you out of you league and with much higher presentage players so they can hustle you in to buying more off them.

  15. Hi there,
    8 ball pool, is a great game. My whole family enjoys it. I think this is the best ever game launched that can be played by all ages. There is one problem thou. As soon as a player pots a ball, he must wait for the other player’s responds. I find that very annoying.
    When a person is at work, or busy else where, they should not be playing the game

    Can you please remove that future to make the game better for everybody???????????

  16. hi there
    thanks for the great 8ball, but i have a problem.
    my coins do not increase when i win and they also decrease at times.
    i read the common questions and it didn’t help me .
    please help me to get my coins

  17. hi,i need to know how to get the previous version of 8ball pool,since ive updated there are missing options like the 10 and 15 million coin games,and i did not get my last 2 wins paid out on the oldrr version hence the update,but it seems that wasnt good at all.please sort this out because i enjoy the game

  18. How about a feature where you can trade in old cues for new ones? that would be great. I have old cues I don’t use . or maybe trade other players? HMMMM

  19. I have an issue with table changing. I’m playing game after game in Moscow for 500 coins. Then out of nowhere I loose a game tap the blue box to start another and I’m playing a 500,000 coin game in Dubai. I’ve complained to Miniclip about this problem and they responded that yes both boxes are blue, and yes it is a problem that are team is working on. But NO we are not going to replace the coins you lost. Bottom line here folks is the game should stay where the player puts it. It should not start a new game at a higher coin table. Think about it…the color of the game boxes. 50 coin game, 500 coin game, 500,000 coin game, all blue boxes. I’m here to shoot pool, not read the blue boxes to make sure Miniclip hasn’t pulled a fast one on me.

  20. Would be nice to be able to sell excess rings for pool cash or coins. Also, would be nice to wager on each player’s cues as an added bonus for a win. Love playing pool, be it real life or on mini clip. Keep up the great work.

  21. Why does my cue freezes when I’m shotting certain players and my time seems to go really fast when I’m shotting, certain players. I have talk to other players and they stated the game does cheat. Why can’t for once people play games and be fair about it. It’s not like you are getting real money. I am deleting this game and going back to candy crush.

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