Basketball Stars Update: Lucky Balls, Dubai court and more

BasketballStars_16.9_StoreButtons_LandscapeBasketball Stars is almost 1 month old, and we’re about to release our first major update to the game. Millions of you play Basketball Stars every single day, and we’ve been listening to your feedback on our Facebook page, on Twitter, and in the App Store and Google Play reviews. Let’s start by talking about one of the major bits of feedback we’ve received, and how we’re acting upon it.

Lucky Balls to be rebalanced

We’ve been overwhelmed by how much everyone has been enjoying Basketball Stars up to this point, but we’re increasingly aware of one thing that some of our players maybe haven’t liked as much as we thought.

We’re talking about the Lucky Balls that you get awarded randomly during games, which can give you a big score boost if you sink your shot while you’ve got one in your hands. Because you have a random chance of getting a Lucky Ball, this does mean that – on occasion – you might get a match where you end up with 3-4 Lucky Balls, and your opponent only gets 1. Which can be great for you, but not so much fun for your opponent! Or when you’re on the other end of that luck yourself…

With our update, we’re making a significant change to how this works. Lucky Balls will still be random, but the amount that you and your opponent receive will now never differ by more than 1. This should make for a much more balanced game, and place more emphasis on being able to make those Backboard Bonus shots to boost your score!

One other change with Lucky Balls that you should know about: in Attacker-Defender mode, you’ll be able to steal your opponent’s Lucky Ball! Successfully pull off a steal or a block when the attacker has one in their hands, and you’ll take over on attack with a Lucky Ball of your own.

A big thank you to the Basketball Stars community for all your feedback on this feature – we hope that you enjoy the game even more with this change.

BS Dubai

New court: Dubai Sky Terrace

We’re about to add a new top-level court to both Attacker-Defender and Shooting Race modes. There’s a massive prize waiting for the winner on this court – plus, it’s a pretty amazing view up there.

New items

We’re also adding some new items to the store, for you to customize your player even further!

Fixes and Improvements

Finally, we’ve been working hard to make various fixes and performance enhancements behind the scenes, including connection and matchmaking improvements that should make your Basketball Stars play sessions even smoother.

This update is coming soon to Android and iOS! If you’ve not picked up Basketball Stars yet, join the millions of online players now by downloading it free from the App Store or Google Play. See you on the courts!