Community Update: addressing bots and lag

Hello, fans! Sam from the community team here. I wanted to take some time to address some of the main bits of feedback we get from our players, particularly those who mainly play on web: bots and lag. We know these are big issues for our players, and we also want you to know that we’re aware of them and are working to solve them.

Bots and lag are the two biggest issues with today, and they can be distressing and annoying for players to deal with. I’m here to let you all know that we are very aware of these problems and fixing them is our biggest priority. We’re constantly working on ways to remove these issues and make a better experience for everyone.

Some people think bots have something to do with us here at Miniclip, but the truth is that bots are illegal modifications to the game, created and sold by third parties for a profit. They spoil the balance of the game for all the players on that server.


If it were as simple as hitting a switch and removing bots, we’d obviously have done it already! A lot of people have suggested using a Captcha to log into the game, but unfortunately this wouldn’t work. Instead, we’re working constantly to find new ways to stop these bots, and we’ve already released a number of fixes that have helped a lot. Unfortunately, this is a process that is going to take time. As long as people keep using bots, the people who make them will keep trying to find ways around our security.

We’re working on permanent, long-term solutions to bots, but in the mean time, there is something you can do to help us: STOP USING THEM. I see a lot of people claiming they only use bots because “other people do” but unfortunately this doesn’t solve anything. Be the bigger person, rise above cheating and please, don’t use bots. By funding and supporting the people who do, you are ensuring that our job of removing them from the game is harder than it needs to be. We’ve started banning players who are detected using bots, so keep it in mind!

The other thing I want to talk about is lag. This is a tough one to tackle, as it’s always hard to pin down exactly why an individual player is experiencing lag. It could be internet problems, issues with our servers, performance issues with your PC or any number of other variables. To try and reduce lag on the player’s end, we’ve added a graphics setting option on PC that lets you turn down the visuals in case your PC can’t handle it. We also display a message at the bottom of the screen if we detect high CPU load on your computer – this means you need to turn the settings down! Also, make sure to turn off anything else using lots of your bandwidth – video streaming, torrents and the like.

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We’re also working on improvements to reduce lag on our end. The process well is underway and hopefully the game will be running more smoothly for everybody soon.

The main thing I’m keen to stress is that we are just as aware of these two issues as all our players, and fixing them is our main priority. Don’t think that things like new skins are taking priority – we’re working on multiple things behind the scenes, and some naturally take longer than others.

Thank you all for playing and enjoying, and bearing with us while we work on these improvements. We’ve got some great stuff coming up this year, including a brand new mode that totally changes the way the game is played. Leave a comment below if you’ve got a question, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more up to date news.

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  1. Hey guys, what is your stand about people who teams in FFA and experimental. They are making other people unable to play this game. The worst is experimental in Oceania. If you play after school ends (everyday at 2PM GMT +8), you will see these 10+ people dominating the server for hours. They have been doing this since last year. Please take care of people like this. No one can play with them around.

    • Maybe you could start by repporting all youtube video with BOTS or sponsoring “free bots”…
      And make party mode costing 20 coins per 6 hours. Would make the bots use even HARDER until it’s totally rekt!

    • How about making an experimental server, where people who cheat by teaming will lose 1000 mass pers second. Right now, if you cheat (and some times, even if you don’t cheat) you start loosing mas very fast, but not fast enough, cheater can still eat others faster than what they lose mass so the punishment is not affecting them at all, is mainly affecting people who A: Split to much and self feed into a big cell to split again, B: Affecting people who run into viruses. So, in the end, the innocent placers got affected more by this anti-cheat update. I rather see them losing 1000 mass pers second, at least that way cheaters and non-cheaters who split to much will suffer equally but at least cheaters will be gone. The issue with the team cheaters has to be addresses, it is impossible to get yourself big because you get killed by a team before that, and even if you survive to get big, some cheater will eventually come and kill like if it where nothing. So, make a experimental server where cheating is IMPOSSIBLE. so we (the ones that do not like cheating) can play in peace without being disrupted by those losers.

    • My idea would be to keep the bots, but make a new server in which people can go without the bots. I personally like bots, since they are very fun and, well, I love them. But i do face lag and sometimes get annoyed with my own bots, as well. So maybe adding some new game modes or something? Like a game mode for me and other botters to go on to? Im not really sure, I just am wanting to keep bots. Bots are fun, but not fun for anti-bot people, which I understand. I want bots to stay, yes, but maybe a new server for people to go on with bots. Thanks! I hope if you, miniclip, are reading this comment, can you add some new game modes and keep the bots? Please ????????????????????????????

    • hello friends miniclip just wanted to ask for help no longer serves me , when I put my skins do not appear to me , to my friends if they finciona ayudaaa solucionenlo if later will lose people who play the game

  2. I understand miniclip is trying to eraticate bots but there is a bigger issue we cant make lobbys find a solution to this or agario will not be played!

  3. hey miniclip .. i have never used bots in agario but i m still not able to connect to servers .. i get kicked after 2-3 sec of joining server…… maybe its because of your new update…. kindly note that i use vpn to play agario like many others … so u may have received multiple requests from a place… please see if u can do anything about it… plz do reply.

  4. Miniclip when will to steam passes and I want you to spend a serious lag problem that the agar is in a website if you pass steam is downloadable and logic should do better and that gives more updates lag please fence to get things to get benefits because people who have credit card upon will be those that best are going to play because they are the ones that will buy coas more expensive an idea that would give them is to put some skins more since the April 28 1 year of its official launching stage skin good mess worthwhile spending the coins I’m not people who buy coins by credit card I earn the coins striving and another thing if puden metan more options to have more free coins! If you can have my ideas into account thanks!

  5. Miniclip guys would be to send him to super- steam but is free because 50 % of people who play this game ” ” are children and do not have cards and I want it send to steam but for no longer has lagged since I played with my companions but they do not play that much lag and boys lose so his players

  6. The creator of sucks. It doesn’t make anything,just add skins every month.
    Yesterday the lag was increasing, and the bots don’t stop.
    I saw the same guy using bots today and it wasnt banned

  7. hello my account got banned of using autoplay and i would ask if i cud get it unbanned i was lvl 69 when i started using the autoplay and now im lvl 71 so i would ask if you could unban it but just put it to like lvl 65 and im really sorry for making the game unfair for other people.

  8. the only thing I ask is please do not ruin the game trying to remove the viruz or no longer can do tricks split ( tricksplits ) and agregen fabulous skins thanks for your attention
    Viva Mexico

  9. #STOPBOTS Please note that no more bots that my computer is not good and it goes with a lot lang bots and when they get tired and I go mal.Gracias for creating this beautiful game and I hope to do something with puendan lag and bots = )

  10. What happened to the upgrade? We have left all disappointed never going to stop using bots people are very tricky FURTHER that has passed the discount date and the confirmed yourselves . LIKE TO SEE WHAT MINICLIP

  11. The game is amazing. I downloaded it after a friend recommended it to me and I have been addicted to it ever since. However, I have been using an old version and sometimes it lags a bit. Hopefully, it will resolve once it is updated to the latest version.

  12. Explain to us why capcha won’t work?
    Maybe you could start repporting all youtube video with BOTS or sponsoring “free bots”… A big Strikes to those youtubers might make them think twice about sponsoring bots to get views!
    Then, make party mode costing 20 coins per 6 hours (a regular player can win 3×20 coins per day so it might worth it. Would make the bots use even HARDER until it’s totally rekt!
    You could also make a region (like turkey), only for coins user. With 100% lag free.
    You can also record random games around and see which number one use bots and delete his FB account… as long as using bots won’t be seriously penalized, people will continue!

  13. Hey, please stop adding useless updates..Just Fix the LAG.. No Lag + No BOTS = PERFECT AGARIO..
    Don’t need graphic quality, new skins, and any other useless updates.

  14. I know bots are hard to fix.But in the last update they we’re gone.You should not have bringed them back.I play a lot and it is really hard to play with them. P.S Thanks for understanding.

  15. hello minilcip,
    will you please fix the lag its really annoying and can get you killed.
    I know its hard to get something fixed but please fix it soon as possible.And also patch bots if you can, you take your time.

  16. I play on my iPad and the classic sometimes stops working altogether. This often happens after I I have paid for 24hr boost. Yet my coins are not returned to me as a refund. Taking my money and then not providing a service is called ……some of gone to jail for less.

  17. I play PC a LOT and I’ve never used bots nor extensions nor hacks and never plan on using them. But, according to this newest “update”, I’ve been banned for using them. It is extremely frustrating and honestly stupid. This is a new computer and even if I use a new google account, it still persists to keep me banned. I seriously do not know what to do and if Miniclip doesn’t fix this then I will have a few choice words for them. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!

  18. The game crashes every 10-15 minutes! I use an iPad with newest iOS and the app… what’s the problem and what should I do?

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