Hockey Stars out now!

Our new multiplayer ice hockey game, HOCKEY STARS, is out now! Take to the ice and become a legend!

Face-off against the world in 1v1 multiplayer matches: power your shots into the goal, or use close-control and precision aim to hit the back of the net! Play in different arenas for bigger prizes, and unlock tons of teams with unique powers and styles. Let’s hit the ice and play Hockey Stars!

Hockey Stars is out now on iOS and Android, and playable on Facebook. Hit the links below to play for free!

Get Hockey Stars on iOS

Get Hockey Stars on Android

Play Hockey Stars on Facebook

It’s YOU vs THE WORLD! Play fast-paced matches and take your team up the global leaderboards to win big prizes!

Only one can rule the rink! Challenge your friends and show them who’s the REAL hockey star!

Represent your country or choose from a huge selection of teams, each with unique designs and powers. Pick your favourite!

Fast and fun ice hockey gameplay
4 arenas to play in (+ more coming soon!)
80+ teams to unlock (+ more coming soon!)
Unlock new formations to boost your game!
Play with your friends (and beat them)!
Take on players from around the world (and beat them too)!
Tournaments coming VERY soon!

HS out now


7 replies

  1. I’ve been playing ice hockey now for a week. It has a lot of bugs in it. I will score and it gives it to the other player, or I win the game and it keeps going but neither player can score. It’s a fun game, but a lot of issues.

  2. It is a great game but, it has too many glitches. Sometimes it gives a person 2 points in 1 goal, also when either of the opponents get the final score but it does not count even the rest of the game.

  3. Bugs, glitches and errors. Sometimes when the other guy scores, he gets two points and then the game continues on. It should not award two points for one goal. But even if anyone puts the puck in any net, the game no longer adds a score. How hard is this to fix? It is obviously awarding the extra point in another subroutine that could be removed.

  4. Some gamer are left the game, try out some new ways! I mean, let it record goals! Let it review recorded goals! AND make a weekly competition about at least 3 aword, like luckiest goal, impossible try, or sthing like these!

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