Private servers are back in

Hello, fans! We hope you’re all enjoying the new update, which contained numerous anti-bot fixes, among other things. Due to the way we’re handling the elimination of bots, every time we notice there’s a presence of bots, we deploy additional measures to eliminate those bots, and keep everyone playing a fair game. A consequence of this is that it makes writing private servers really hard, as we’re constantly changing our protocol.

While we don’t endorse private servers ourselves, we appreciate some of you do use them! So, we’ve decided to disable some of those protocol changes if an IP is specified in the url. This change will allow those private servers to exist and use the official client, while still deterring connections from bots as our servers won’t accept connections without those integrity checks in place.

With this change, we hope that the talented developers who write servers can avoid changing the parts of the protocol that deal with protecting the game against bots. This means we don’t have to change the protocol as often, which makes everybody’s life easier!

If none of this makes any sense to you, don’t worry about it, but if you’re one of the few who enjoys private servers, hopefully this is good news. Thanks as always for playing!