8 Ball Pool turns five!


We’re having an 8 Ball Pool party, and you’re all invited! We’re getting ready to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the game’s launch, and have some great in-game celebrations – including a free cue for all players – lined up for Friday 27th-29th May.

8 Ball Pool was released on Miniclip back in 2011, and quickly grew in popularity due to its accessible multiplayer action and realistic physics. A few years later, we brought the game to your mobiles on both iOS and Android, and the number of people who play Pool went through the roof. Today, millions of people play the game every single day, in every country around the world, and our official Facebook page has grown to over 19m fans.

New features have come to the game down the years, but we’ve been careful to ensure that its heart, it’s still the classic game of 8 Ball Pool that it was when it launched on Miniclip five years ago.

Whether you’re someone who only plays every now and then, or someone who plays hundreds of games a day (there are a lot of you!), or even someone who’s never played 8 Ball Pool and is thinking about giving it a try – this celebration is for you.

We invite you to come join us this Friday 27th May: we have an in-game celebration with a special cue given to all players who play on that day, plus some other neat in-game perks too. Just make sure you’re playing the game on the day to be a part of it. Spread the word and tell your friends, and thanks for being a part of our game as it turns five years old.

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  1. Happy Birthday Miniclip and many 100+ birthday we shall celebrate with many generations of users to come and celebrate with you..Me and my child will be celebrating with you this Friday…

  2. Hi all, did I miss something? I was playing of Friday but as yet I dont have my special cue! What do I need to do? Or when does it arrive? Many thanks, Isac-Newton

  3. I’m sorry, but after 5 years, I’d think these guys would concentrate on important things like a. letting the players communicate independantly instead of buying lame childish expressions like ooh laa laa or something. Grow up guys. and b. The timers are much too quick. On a high game with the 8 ball in play and a difficult angle shot, it sucks to lose to a timer and not from experience. The pointers are too jumpy and not smooth enough. many people feel the same way.
    Your much too busy trying to sell unimportant stuff like pool ques and chat lines. Other sites are passing you out in quality. Remember that. . .

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