Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is OUT NOW!


THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! (Come on, like we weren’t going to say it)

We’re thrilled to announce that Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices! It’s the world’s first team-based, story-based runner and it’s based on one of the most beloved TV shows in the world.

  • Play through episodes of a season, just like a TV show!
  • Choose multiple characters and vehicles in each level!
  • Six characters and six different vehicles to control!
  • Each character has a unique gadget to help them out!
  • Visit Tracey Island to upgrade your characters and Thunderbirds!
  • Collect clues to find the secret hiding place of The Hood!
  • Take on missions in forests, deserts, underwater or even in space!

Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is available now on iOS and Android!