A big new update to Soccer Stars

We just released a new update to Soccer Stars, with some new features and fun stuff to take you to the next level. Get ready to hire yourself an agent to boost your game, and win yourself a shiny new premium team to play with. Read on to find out more about what’s new.

Soccer Stars Agents

Every great soccer star has an agent, to negotiate their contracts, endorsements and bonuses – it’s time for you to join them! Agents act like “boosts” to give you a ton of unique bonuses while you’re playing Soccer Stars. These bonuses include:

  • earning bonus fans / XP with every match, to help you level up faster
  • lower salary when you win
  • recover some of your entry fee if you lose
  • Goal Bonus to earn bucks/coins every time you score a goal

You’ll be able to hire an agent through Surprise Packs or as an in-app purchase. Sorry, but they won’t be able to negotiate a big-money move to Real Madrid though. Maybe we can work on that for the next update…

agent smith

Win a Premium Team in the new Champions Spin

The European Championships in France are coming up in a few weeks, so we’re introducing a special Spin & Win minigame to mark the occasion. Spin the wheel and you’ll win a limited edition premium team, and 20,000 coins!

These special teams have a unique gold outline, and high stats on Force, Time and Aim. Best of all, they’ll only be available for a limited time so if you get one you’ll be part of a unique club.

You’ll always win a new team when you spin – you won’t get a duplicate. Look out for the update and grab yourself some of these teams!

soccer stars champions spin

Other features coming soon…

We also wanted to give you a little hint about some features coming to the game shortly after this update. We will have plenty of Euro 2016-themed activities happening in Soccer Stars, including some time-limited tiers to play in and coach challenges to complete, where you can win a Champions’ Spin (and the Premium team & 20,000 Coins that goes with it!). Wherever you’re watching the European Championships this June, make sure you’ve got Soccer Stars in your pocket!

This update is out now in Soccer Stars. Join over 700,000 fans on our Official Facebook page to make sure you’ve got access to the latest info on all things Soccer Stars!