“Cushion shot” coming to 8 Ball Pool

The top table is about to get tougher in 8 Ball Pool, with the addition of a new “Cushion Shot on 8 Ball” rule. This is “call pocket” for pros, as you’ll need to bank your shot on the black ball off a designated cushion, and into the pocket of your choice. Anyone who’s familiar with “indirect” pool, or fancies themselves as a bit of a trickshot superstar, will be right at home.

A major bit of feedback we get from players on the highest tiers is that the skill level is so high, that if you don’t get to break then you might not get a shot at all, as the other player may just run the table and pot every ball. We hope that this will significantly raise the skill level required to do that, meaning that it’s more likely that both players will get a chance to win the game.

Cushion shot

The new Cushion Shot rule.

This new rule comes in a new tier – Berlin – and will drop on mobile real soon. Don’t forget, if you want to sharpen your skills at this kind of shot, there’s a Practice Mode on your mobile device.

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