“Cushion shot” coming to 8 Ball Pool

The top table is about to get tougher in 8 Ball Pool, with the addition of a new “Cushion Shot on 8 Ball” rule. This is “call pocket” for pros, as you’ll need to bank your shot on the black ball off a designated cushion, and into the pocket of your choice. Anyone who’s familiar with “indirect” pool, or fancies themselves as a bit of a trickshot superstar, will be right at home.

A major bit of feedback we get from players on the highest tiers is that the skill level is so high, that if you don’t get to break then you might not get a shot at all, as the other player may just run the table and pot every ball. We hope that this will significantly raise the skill level required to do that, meaning that it’s more likely that both players will get a chance to win the game.

Cushion shot

The new Cushion Shot rule.

This new rule comes in a new tier – Berlin – and will drop on mobile real soon. Don’t forget, if you want to sharpen your skills at this kind of shot, there’s a Practice Mode on your mobile device.

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    • I’m waiting on the update that makes it like pool instead of some crazy game with balls that does anything but resemble pool

  1. In 8 Ball Pool for practice, “PLAY AGAIN ” caption is appearing at wrong place. When one game is over it does not come, the screen goes to “MAIN MENU”.

      • Hello, i have a question i have updated the game but now all my chatpacks are gone and i had them all and i tried to buy the coin packs back but after i quit the game and restart it they keep dissapearing can you fix it ? My id is 1579926977

          • Hello Ben M, recently a friend of mine has been banned he had 6B coins and over 2k cash he didn’t exploit the game or used any hacks! Please tell me why he got banned?

  2. Can’t wait to take the slop out of pool and put the skill back where it belongs. Let the crying commence:-)

    • Why even try to figure out what these guys are doing. It’s obvious they don’t know. Look how faulty their pool game is. Between lost or slow connection (I have T-1 Comcast) or being cheated out of points. Whenever I’m bored I can always go to a new level of frustration by playing miniclip pool.

  3. Can anyone tell me why most of my chat words have been removed I’ve bought them but they are no longer on my game if you have removed 5hem why not refund the coins I used to purchase them

  4. my problem with this game is i live in philippines an our internet is not that relieable ,so when i am playing an it goes out both parties have to pay an i feel thats unfair

  5. ( 8 Ball Pool )
    Please tell me why when I am told connection is slow and have to wait, the opponent wins the game when connection is restored and I never even had a shot.
    Also every time I load up 8Ball pool all my chat messages are all mixed up and I have too start resetting them all again.

    • I live in the US and have this same problem with connection slow and the opponent winning without me having a shot. Sometimes it undoes shots I’ve made. I’ll make a shot, it says connection slow, then resets the ball I made to where it was and gives the turn to the opponent. Very frustrating.

  6. Ok. So with this new bank shot on black in higher levels.

    With practice mode could you add a section that makes you have to call the pocket and bank the black??

    Like it gives you a choice.

  7. My comment has to do with 8ball. I had just started playing a tournament and the game froze up. Mind you, I had just a little more than 3 million in coins and lost everyone of them. This game really is a disappointment because I can’t even get them back. Thanks alot!!

  8. It’s a gud update but if u add this then lots of the people can’t play the cushion shot…no matter u provided the practice mode but this shot is too hard for maximum peoples….if u want to add something then uu have to add the online peoples chart that helps to play with friends option…bcz we will send the challenge only who that is online that time otherwise not…plz add this feature plzzz.. Thanxxx

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