Beast Quest moving from free to play to premium

When we released Beast Quest last year, we were blown away by the critical reception it received: players and reviewers highlighted its large open worlds, the combat, and the giant boss battles. One of the main bits of feedback we received was that Beast Quest, although free to play, “feels like a premium game” – and on iOS, we’re moving it to that category.

To implement this change, we are massively reducing the unlock requirements for each of the worlds in the game. After buying Beast Quest, you will now be able to open any of the worlds with just a handful of gems (which you will readily acquire just from playing the game, defeating monsters and finding treasure). You’ll still need to play through the game to get to those worlds, of course.

For existing players, this means that you get the double benefit of already owning the game (for free), plus all the unlocks are now much, much cheaper so you can easily access them using the gems you pick up while playing. So if you played the first world of Beast Quest but didn’t progress any further, this will allow you to easily move into the rest of the worlds and pick up the adventure where you left off.

We also know that this means that new players will get the full Beast Quest experience straight away: you’ll be able to jump into the adventure we’ve created and take on the quests and challenges that are contained within. This change is live now on the App Store, and we hope that it means that all players – new or existing – will get even more out of the game.

Note: Beast Quest will remain free to play on Android. On iOS, you may need to force-close and re-open Beast Quest before you see the reduced unlock requirements.