Soccer Stars is ready for the Euros – are you?

To celebrate the start of the European Championships, we have a bunch of new additions to Soccer Stars, including a big prize if YOUR team is victorious in France at the end of the tournament! Plus, we have special seasonal tiers, and tons of in-game promotions running for the next few weeks. Here’s the full breakdown.

If your team wins, so do you!

With our last update, we added the Champions Spin minigame, where you’re guaranteed to win a special “premium” country team. As part of the summer of football, we have a sweepstake prize running: if you own the premium team that ends up becoming Euro Champion on July 10, you win 300,000 coins!

If you don’t already have a premium country team in your collection, you can only get them through the Champions Spin. If you do already own one, remember that you will always get a new team if you spin again – no duplicates. If you own multiple different teams, then great! You increased your chances of being a prize winner in a month’s time!

Note that this only counts for premium teams – not the “regular” country teams you can buy individually in the shop. Also, you will need to login to Soccer Stars between 13-19 July 2016 in order to collect your prize, if you were lucky enough to get the eventual champion from the spin game. Good luck!


New seasonal tiers

We’ll have new seasonal tiers to coincide with the tournament’s progression, too – we just launched the new Eurocup Group Stage tier, and there’ll be Semi Final and Final ones on the way. Each one will have a bigger prize than the last, so make sure to check them out over the next few weeks.

Special offers

We have loads of in-game offers and promotions planned throughout June and into July, so keep an eye out in the game.

Thanks for playing Soccer Stars, and enjoy the summer of soccer!