Special New York Plaza Tournament in 8 Ball Pool

Hey 8 Ballers! We have a brand-new, time-limited tournament hitting 8 Ball Pool on your tablets and mobiles this weekend, and it’s unlike any tournament you’ve played in the game before.

It’s called the New York Plaza tournament, and it’s only available this weekend! We’ve started the countdown to launch, but at the end of the weekend it’ll be gone, so make sure to check it out while you can.

Secondly, the format is a little different to what you may be used to with our other tournaments. There are two rounds, with a huge prize at the end for those players who are skilled enough to claim victory.


For 30,000 Pool Coins, you can enter Round 1 of the tournament. If you win Round 1, you get your 30,000 Coins back, PLUS free entry into Round 2.

And Round 2 is where the real prize is at. The pot for winning this dwarfs anything we’ve ever had in a tournament before – there’s a massive 1 million Pool Coins for whoever triumphs in this stage (second prize is 100,000 Coins). You can also skip straight to Round 2 with a buy-in of Pool Cash or an in-app purchase.

The New York Plaza Tournament comes with its own Ring, which you’ll need five Round 2 wins to get. There’s also an exclusive New York Cue for the winner, plus a trophy for all the achievement-hunters out there.

So get ready to play 8 Ball Pool in New York this weekend! This is your only chance to grab a big prize, plus the Cue, Ring and achievement that goes with it. Best of luck out there on the table!