Diep.io coming to mobile

Diep.io, the newest smash-hit browser game that’s taken the world by storm, is coming to mobile and is currently available for pre-registration on the Google Play store! Developed by Matheus Valadares, the creator of online sensation Agar.io, diep.io is already played by millions every day. After the massive success of Agar.io on mobile, Miniclip are thrilled to announce that we’re now working on bringing diep.io to your iOS and Android devices. Android users can pre-register interest in the game now and receive a notification as soon as it is available to download!

Diep.io evolves many of the concepts found in Agar.io to create a new take on competetive online browser games. Dozens of players each control a small tank, able to move and shoot in any direction. Your mission? Simple: get enough points to reach the top of the leaderboards, and destroy anyone in your way!


Starting out at level 1, you’ll gain experience as you shoot and destroy the different blocks you’ll find around the map, as well as other players. On levelling up you can increase a number of stats to make yourself more powerful, and at certain levels you can even upgrade your tank into an entirely new class!

Do you want to have a machine gun raining down bullets on all in front of you? Would you rather command a small army of guided missiles? How about the dreaded octo-tank, with 8 cannons firing in all directions at once?

Diep.io on mobile will offer the same experience currently enjoyed by millions on PC, with a dual-thumbstick control setup for maximum precision. It will be available on iOS and Android devices very soon – pre-register now!

  • Control a tank and battle with dozens of others on a giant map!
  • Destroy blocks and enemy players to gain experience and level up!
  • Upgrade a number of stats to build the tank you want!
  • Choose from a wide variety of different tank classes!


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  1. Lo peor es que el juego Die.io online que juego en la PC desde hace tiempo ya en Miniclip de un día para otro se la pasa trabandose y es asquerosamente frustrante no poder jugar como lo hacia antes. Mil estrellas menos por ello. En serio me encantaba el juego hasta que eso pasó, deberían arreglarlo. Me quejo aquí porque no se otra manera de hacerles llegar la queja

  2. Does anyone know if this game will be available to amazon devices? I love this game and dont have a computer. so I would like to get it on my mobile device. I have no other devices besides an amazon device.

  3. Okay Miniclip it’s been a while. This post is from July 1st and you guys said that it’s coming VERY soon. It’s been 16 days and there have been no updates :/

  4. Hello diep.io player. My name is Deania. My best game is diep.io. My best tank is (SMASHER)????????. My brother love has love (Moon studio TV). Gudbye.

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