The Tanks of Ultimate Guide!

Welcome to the official guide to the many different classes of! Starting out as a basic tank, you’ll be able to first upgrade at level 15 and then twice more at levels 30 and 45. However, with the massive amount of choice on offer, what’s the best class for you?

We’ll be updating this guide over time until it includes every tank in the game. For now, thanks for your patience while we finish it off!


Flank Guard

The Flank Guard is a tricky class that requires skill to play and upgrades into a wide variety of different tanks.

  • Adds a second cannon to the rear of your tank

The Flank Guard doesn’t have as many immediate advantages as some of the other initial upgrades, but eventually turns into some of the most effective vehicles in the game. Once you become a Flank Guard, focus on farming obstacles to get to level 30 quickly and upgrade again.

At level 30, the Flank Guard can become the Twin Flank, Quad Tank or Tri-Angle.

Twin Flank

The Twin Flank is an upgraded version of the Flank Guard with two cannons on either side of the tank. With heavily concentrated fire in two directions, it’s a force that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  • Adds an additional cannon on each side for a total of four

The concentrated fire of the Twin Flank is powerful against tanks with a wide spread of bullets such as the Octo Tank. Sure, they might have more bullets, but your direct fire will punch through their wall of projectiles. Plus, your backside is covered with an additional two guns! This lends the Twin Flank an element of safety, as you are only vulnerable on two sides.

At level 45, the Twin Flank can become the Triple Twin or the Octo Tank.



The Sniper is the best choice for players who prefer precise aiming and picking off their opponents from a distance. It also leads into a variety of tricky, specialized classes.

  • Increases field of vision, so you can see and shoot further
  • Increases bullet damage

Your fire rate as a sniper will be low, so investing a few points into the reload stat is a wise move. You’ll also want to increase bullet speed and damage. The key to playing a good sniper is using your increased range and vision to pick people off before they can get close enough to threaten you. Your low rate of fire means you’ll be destroying fewer obstacles and, as a result, levelling up slower, so try and destroy other tanks if given the opportunity.

At level 30, the Sniper can become the Assassin, Overseer or Hunter.


The Assassin is essentially an upgraded Sniper, with a similar set of abilities and strengths.

  • Further increases field of vision so you can see extremely far
  • Increases bullet damage and speed

Playing as the Assassin is much the same as the sniper. Picking people off from afar with powerful bullets is the key to success.

At level 45, the Assassin can become the Ranger or the Stalker.


The Ranger is the final upgrade on the traditional sniper path, boasting the widest field of view and the most powerful bullets.

  • Increases your field of vision once again – see for miles!
  • Increases bullet speed and penetration

If you like picking off others from a distance, you should aim to eventually upgrade to the Ranger. With unparalleled range and great bullet damage, speed and penetration, the Ranger is a great choice for those with sharpshooting skills. Just don’t let others get too close, as with your slow rate of fire, you’ll have trouble fending them off.


The Stalker is a different take on the sniper class that has the awesome ability to become invisible when keeping still.

  • Increases field of view, bullet speed and damage
  • When kept still, the tank will become invisible
  • Shooting once while still makes the tank slightly easier to see
  • Shooting twice or moving makes the tank fully visible

The Stalker is the way to go for players who enjoy ambushing others, appearing out of nowhere to fire off a few shots before disappearing again. An alternative way to play Stalker is to put points into body damage and wait for others to run into your invisible body, destroying themselves!