Rush Mode – available now for on iOS and Android!


Miniclip’s hit game has received its biggest update ever: an entirely new game mode! Rush Mode for is now available as a free update on iOS and Android.

Rush Mode offers a quick burst of competitive gameplay, perfect for when you fancy a game but don’t quite have time for a longer session. Each match lasts five minutes and features 40 to 80 players duking it out to be the biggest cell at the end of the game.

Everyone starts out small, so you’ve got to act fast to take the initiative! If you get eaten, you’ll respawn again at the smallest size, but as time ticks down this becomes increasingly problematic! Whoever is the largest player once time runs out is the winner. Getting to the top is one thing, but can you stay there until the game is over?

The short time limit on a game of Rush Mode encourages a more aggressive style of play, and it’s common to see players attempting risky strategies in an effort to get big quick. Playing cautiously as you might in regular just won’t pay off in time to see results – if you want to win at Rush Mode, you have to rush!

The free update also introduces daily challenges, quests you can complete in-game to earn coins that can be spent on skins and XP boosts. With a new way of earning coins just by playing the game, now it’s easier than ever to get that one skin you’ve been saving up for!

Rush Mode is available now as a free update on iOS and Android! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more up to date news.