It’s Christmas in July for 8 Ball Pool players!

We have a huge summer event for our players this weekend in 8 Ball Pool! Christmas is one of our favourite times of year, so we thought why not have it in July, too? We’ve got gifts for you, and gifts for your friends, all as part of our weekend celebration. Read on to find out more.

New Beachball Cues

First of all, there’s new set of Cues coming your way, available only during the weekend of 15 – 17th July. The Beachball Cue comes in three flavours – Standard, Advanced and Premium – each with a different design and Force, Aim, Spin and Time stats.

These are super-exclusive limited edition cues that will only be available to get this weekend, so if you like the look of them, don’t miss out!

Bigger gifts

For a little while now, you’ve been able to send and receive gifts to your friends in 8 Ball Pool by tapping on the Gifting button. During our Christmas in July event, you’ll be able to send even bigger gifts than before! Which means, of course, you’ll also be opening bigger amounts of Pool Coins from your friends, too. Be generous with your gifting, it’s Christmas (in July)!

Invite friends, get 5,000 Pool Coins

Finally, we want as many players to enjoy this event as possible! That’s why we’re giving you 5,000 Pool Coins for every Facebook friend who accepts your invitation to play the game during the weekend. Yep, every one of your friends that clicks your Facebook request and plays 8 Ball Pool will net you a sweet 5,000 Coins.

So get ready! Our Christmas in July event kicks off today. Grab your beach towel, your suncream, and your mobile, and soak up some sun while you play 8 Ball Pool with us.