Basketball Stars: Play With Friends and more!

We’ve just released a big update to Basketball Stars, which includes one of the most-requested features from our players: the chance to play against your friends!

Play Basketball with friends

Swishing shots against players from around the world is fun, sure, but we know that beating your friends is where the real action is. Since we released Basketball Stars, the ability to play against your friends has been something that we’ve been asked for time and again. We’re excited to bring you this feature with this update! Time to show everyone who’s the best!

Pick your opponent, pick your game mode, pick your tier!

Pick your opponent, pick your game mode, pick your tier!

New Tokyo tier

Something else a lot of our players have requested is a higher tier with a bigger prize for the winner. So we’re sending you to Tokyo Streets, our brand new tier with a 1m buy-in and a massive 2m prize for whoever can score the most points. Game on.

Achievements, new items, and customization slots

Also with this update, we’re making a couple of other additions and tweaks that we hope you like. First of all, achievements can now be earned in the game for various feats of basketball prowess, including winning in each tier and pulling off blocks and successful feints.

We’re also adding a bunch of new items for you to find in kit bags, plus we’re making it easier for you to customize your player character with new customization slots. With these slots, you can save up to 3 customizations of your character, meaning you can quickly and easily flip between your favourite loadouts, rather than having to tweak each individual aspect of their outfit.

This update is out now on iOS and Android! Just tap here on your mobile device to get it, and let’s hit the court!

The new Tokyo Streets tier is here to play!

The new Tokyo Streets tier is here to play!

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  1. On basketball stars, yesterday I had more than 550 goldbars, today I log in and my goldbars are not there anymore ???? That’s a digital crime, is that common ?

  2. i,m not to happy with your 8ball pool game i,v been enjoy,n playing 8ball pool for awhile i happen to let my neighbor play my game while i was checking on my dinner i was cooking so she took over my game told her not to do anything if the game ended by the time i came to finnish playing the game this dizzy blone neighbor of mine blu all of my coins twenty k + so i desided to purchase some tokn s i had some what of a good record till i,ve notice that alot of my shots were no longer be in poted lot of short or straight in shots just did,nt go in and im in real time am a pretty good shooter at the game so my friend and i notice how many of my shots wer, going in nt

  3. Please tell how to play with FB friends..It says your friend is in another continent but my friend is sitting next to me …Help!

  4. I was playing with someone that I was not friends with through Facebook on the app Basketball Stars. Is it possible to be friends with them or do we have to be friends through Facebook?

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