Disabling “change nickname” on Miniclip

To all our players: we wanted to let you know that we will soon be disabling the ability to change nicknames on Miniclip.com.

We’re making this change to try and cut down on a number of things, including trolling, impersonation, and account selling/transferring, all of which violate our Terms & Conditions.

This change is expected to happen very soon – potentially in the next few days.

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  1. Hi Miniclip, The games of Miniclip are very nice and good game I like all the games of Miniclip specially 8 Ball Pool… But there is a problem. My Account got banned and i didn’t get any warnings before Ban….But before that my account was scammed and the scammer tranfer some of my coins to his account and after that when I open my account My account was permenantly banned and plz Miniclip plz help me, I need my account back……….Thanks Miniclip

  2. I’d like to suggest a change in the rules of the 8 ball pool game as follows: Make it count as a loss when a player quits the game when his/her opponent is on their last shot of shooting the 8 ball and they know they are probably going to loose the game. I feel it’s poor sportsmanship when a player does this, and it also screws up the ranking #’s. If it’s counted as a loss when they quit this way, they might think twice about doing it.

    • I agree!! When a player is beaten, 8 ball potted an message pops up awaiting opponents response ,and you have to wait for x amount of time to get the win. Waste of time !!!

    • I wondered if they were quitting for that reason? Yes I totally after it should be counted as a loss for them!

      And what about the ones who refuse to break the balls? They will either do nothing at all and just let time run out. Or they will only hit one ball off the corner!

  3. Dear pool maker please give us Surprize.boxes for 43 for 5 box we.are awaiting i have only 45 pool.cash and 20000 coins so i need surprize boxes please sir help.me

    • Totally agree! Or if not sell back at least give back as it does tale up a lot of room for us to just be stuck with them! Put in a way we can just delete them.

  4. I wanted to find out if other ladies were also being harassed by guys with the chat apps group that had the comments that include: “Do you like me?” “I love you.” “Do you like my picture?” etc..? I personally think that chat group of comments ought to be taken off of the list of choices! If you need some comments to put in it’s place, I have a full list of comments that could be used instead, that I would love to offer on there for a small percentage of the monies received when a person purchases my set. Either way, I’d still like to are that particular chat list disabled! The guys just use them to distract the ladies and throw them off their game!

    • Hey man please tell me how to change my nickname because I put my number and I don’t have that number anymore… It’s awful because my name is my previous phone number please please man

  5. No that’s dumb why would u disable that I’m trying to get my friend to add me back but she can’t recognize my username and I went on the website but it wouldn’t let me?! IF U DONT UNABLE THIS I WILL STOP PLAYING AND WILL TELL MY FRIENDS TO STOP TOO


  7. This is one of the most annoying and dumbest idea possible for this game. The whole point of changing names for people who don’t troll is to play as a new preferable name. Disabling the ability to change names is just proof that you, Miniclip, can’t keep track of a few inappropriate names!

    P.S: If you couldn’t tell, I’m a little pissed!

  8. This is very annoying game. Transferring coins is totally legal. 8 ball pool developer is very money hungry, one can’t win a single match with that stupid begginer cue, buying cash and cue is not affordable as they are very very expensive who the hell can buy this stupid things for that higher price. I think the owner of 8ball pool is out of mind..

  9. I wish this game had instant REPLAY!!
    that way i could prove some of the bs plays that be happening on this oney hungry game.
    Give a red flag or something to atleast challenge yalls scamming shots…lol
    MINICLIPS 8 ball pool is so lame.

    (((( PEOPLE STOP PLAYING THIS BS GAME! Be smart and realise that the only one beng played is you. If you keep playing this game YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST HAND OVER YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER… CUS IN THE END WE WILL ALL BE SCREWED OUT OUR MONEY.)))

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