Flip Diving out now on iOS and Android!

Flip Diving, the newest mobile game from Miniclip, is out now! Easy to play but hard to master and full of laughs, Flip Diving uses one-button controls to simulate amazing aerial acrobatics… or embarrassing belly flops, depending on how well you do!

Perhaps the perfect example of “easy to play, hard to master”, Flip Diving only uses one button to jump, tuck and flip, all depending on how long you hold it down. Choose your diver from a cast of weird and wonderful “athletes”, choose your trick and choose your location, with loads of each to unlock! Then all you need to do is pull off a successful dive!

Each dive has a target landing area you’ll need to hit, and of course you’ll have to enter the water feet or head-first – no belly or backflops! Each dive you successfully land will move you to a higher platform, and if you can nail every single one, the landing area will get smaller! This keeps going until you eventually fail, so what’s the longest streak you can pull off?

Successful dives will earn you the coins needed to unlock new characters, stages and tricks, all of which handle differently. Can you master them all and become the master of flips???

Flip Diving is out now on iOS and Android!