$5000 worth of prizes available in our Halloween sweepstakes!

Collect Sugar Skull awards in Miniclip games for a chance to win!

$5,000+ of prizes available!

1st Prize – State of the art gaming PC and accessories!

2nd Prize – 50 runners up prizes of $50 of Pool/Agar.io/Soccer Stars in-game currency!

Collect awards in 12 awesome games: the more you collect, the more chances you have to win!

The Miniclip sweepstakes are back with a Halloween twist! Play some games, collect some awards and you could win an amazing gaming PC or tons of in-game items in your favourite Miniclip games!

From the 21st of October to November 1st, you’ll have the opportunity to earn entries into the sweepstakes by winning awards in 12 specific games.

These games are split up into 4 groups. Earn an award in all three games in a group to earn one entry into the sweepstakes! Earn awards in all games and we’ll quadruple your four entries into twelve!

CLICK HERE to check out the Sugar Skull Sweepstake! Get started on earning some of those awards, and best of luck!