Soccer Stars New Feature: Team Upgrade!

We know you guys are hungry for goals and new content. The former is up to your skill on the pitch, but new content is up to us. Therefore, we introduce the brand-new feature for Soccer Stars: Team Upgrade!

Time to Upgrade your Teams

Team Upgrade is a new feature that enables players to use Coins or Bucks to add level points to the team’s stats. In other words, you will be able to increase your teams’ Aim , Force and Time permanently! However, to unlock this, you will have to score goals with the team you want to upgrade. You will find the amount of goals needed to activate the improvement in the game’s Team screen. Remember: you will only be able to upgrade teams you own!

Team Upgrade Goals

Get those goals and max out your team!

But of course, all your effort will not go unrecognised. You will earn amazing prizes when you improve your teams! Prizes go from cool mini-games to a new exclusive team. These new squads are called Copa, Alegria, Sol, Captains and Athenian, and will have different properties. It goes without saying that you will be able to improve them as well!

Are you up for the challenge?

Team Upgrade is an awesome feature that will let you enhance your favourite teams and beat the opposition in Soccer Stars’ several game modes. It will also give you the chance to obtain some unique new teams created just for the occasion and many other surprises! We hope you don’t miss the chance to become one of the first to play with the exclusive teams and smash the ball into the net.

Try the new feature right now here: