Archery King is out on Android and iOS!

Archery King, our new multiplayer game, is out on Android and iOS! Following on from our other #1 sports games 8 Ball Pool, Soccer Stars, Basketball Stars, Bowling King and more, we’re getting ready to bring you the greatest archery game available. Get ready to draw, aim, and fire your way to the win!

Play against millions of opponents all around the world, across multiple game modes. Matches are fast-paced as you try to outscore the other player – but it’s not just a case of pointing your arrow at the bullseye. As well as battling your own unsteady hand, you’ll also have to take into account weather effects and distance, both of which can mess with your aim. Watch the wind strength and direction to make the perfect shot!

Multiple ways to play

Archery King launches with four different game modes. There’s a Classic 1-versus-1 duel, with the highest score over two sets getting the prize. For anyone wanting an even faster shootout, Rush Mode gives you unlimited arrows but limited time: highest score after 45 seconds wins it. Challenge Mode takes you through a range of different courses, each with unique settings – and occasionally moving targets. And finally, Time Race Mode provides the ultimate challenge, as you race against the clock over 30 levels.

Upgrade your gear

The better you play, the more you’ll earn. Keep honing your skills and ranking up… then take a look at the huge range of upgrades you can get your hands on. Archery King is packed with a huge range of bows, arrows, sights and gear for you to customize your archer, with some offering bonuses like faster draw, extra zoom, or even a higher reward if you win.

Archery King is out right now on Android and iOS! Start playing right now clicking here!

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  1. I’m also having issues on iOS the leaderboard isn’t working and I didn’t receive rewards. I hope we get compensated for this and rewarded as I know I was in the top 20. I’m now a little frustrated, losing interest on a fun game.

    • Looks like leader board is up. But I haven’t received any rewards from last week. Also the stats for this week are missing two days worth of progress.

  2. Do prize winning amounts change on a schedule? I have been playing Rush and just realized the prize money winnings drastically reduced. Great game by the way!

  3. Why isn’t anyone responding back from min clip on these issues. Also it’s not registering all wins. I won over 50,000 coins and it’s only registering 27,500. Not making game fun when results are not right. Also the daily spin. Every day only $500. If it is random how can every day be the same. Odds don’t add up. Only if you pay do you get random?? Poor setup.

    • I have had the same issue with the spinner, always get 500 coins except for the very first spin I did where it gave me 2000 coins. I’ve spun it about 10 times now. Seems rigged and I’m reluctant to pay money on the premium spinner if it will be equally rigged.

    • I have also not been paid out the correct amount of coins. Also, there has been a drastic decrease in speed of aiming with the best sight and bow in premium gear. I would like a refund or for game play to be returned to previous state. I have spent a lot of money with this game.

  4. This game wont connect at all. Its not my internet connection causing that. So I tried hitting the practice offline button, and it stays stuck on the connecting screen…

  5. This game is not bad! One thing that is absolutely ignort, is the disadvantage the shooter has on the right.. Why in TF can’t both shooters have the same advantage all the time??? Why would you even make it allowable for players to see if their shooting from left or right side before the GD match even begins??? This allows the player in the right to back out in time to cause a DRAW game… Losing Nothing but maybe a rental fee, and keep repeating till that person gets the left side shot???? I will only 1 star because I can’t give a 0 or a -10… Dueces.

  6. Find it discouraging that in 8 Ball Pool, there are no filters for ability?? Playing in small Tournaments, lower level Players are being completely dominated by players of WAY HIGHER caliber!!! Level 170 players, playing against 10-20 level players!!?? TOTALLY not fair!! MASTERS, playing against players barely making a ‘skilled’ level… BOOO Your a Master, you should have to play with Masters????? It’s like that in any other League or Sport!! Just sayin!!

  7. Hello, There is a problem with your archery game, example the wind will be a certain speed coming from a direction so I will aim accordingly but instead of the arrow landing where it should it goes opposite. In otherwords, if the wind is going south how does the arrow land above my aim? Is this happening to others??? Its extremely frustrating! And its embarrassing too!

  8. This game is one game My favorite. At the
    moment I have a headache because of the mind to think about work, I take the time to play this game so I think the load is reduced (calm down a bit).

  9. A friend of mine Harry Farley and me dont show up on our Fb list on the, so we cannot play together, this game only the others a ok

  10. Are there any plans to add a higher prize option for Rush mode? It seems unbalanced since there is an 8 million dollar game for classic but nothing like that for rush.

  11. Hi!! My game Shuts down 20 seconds after connecting. Is there anyone out there having the same problem right now ? Why would this happen?Thanks in advance

  12. Hello, this is a good game, but recently I found a problem, that is when I play this game in IPAD and iPhone, iPhone often cannot see the target, although I used in the game are as like as two peas equipment. I think there should be no difference in the game on the device, the influence of experience too, hope you can adjust to iPhone, otherwise the game will make people feel that as long as the use of electronic devices will win big screen. Thank you

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