Christmas time, time!

What’s the best part of Winter? Stuffing your face with seasonal sweets? Wearing silly hats? Sitting by the heater to avoid hypothermia? Nah. It’s snowfights!

This Christmas we bring you, a cool new multiplayer arena game that will recreate the best part of Winter in your browser!

Fling snow at your opponents – even if it’s yellow!

Engage in snowy combat with thousands of players around the world and be the king of the frozen arena. Use cool boosts like bunny ears for speed, bear masks for strength or yellow snow for, well… yeah…dominating the dweebs in the park.

If you have played some of our games like or, you will find the gameplay very familiar. It certainly looks very simple, however there are a few twists in the game that will make your snowfighting experience pretty epic! Remember to hold down fire to roll up a fat one.

Time to snowfight!

So, are you ready to start shooting snowballs at people? Check out this footage to learn a bit more about the game! Bear (geddit?) with us though, as it’s still a Beta version. We plan to release a Closed Beta for all of you very soon, so stay tuned to be the first at throwing snow at your friends’ face! You can sign-up for that Beta release here.